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Contaminated water tastes weird and unfit for consumption. This link is from sales-cooperation partner of XIAOMI, not XIAOMI offical web, are you sure to go to that page? There are different types of water purifiers from Dr. Aquaguard. It uses superior grooved depth diltration … TDS is the presence of salts, minerals, and metals in the water. Hence, RO water purifier has become a critical need for healthy living and well-being of you and your family. Aquaguard Enhance 7 L RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier. Helpful, efficient, friendly. The only conn is price is bit higher. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and requirements and buy them in a convenient way from online sites. Imagine consuming this water as it is. Our Happy Customers. I have been using KENT Pearl for the last 3 months and I am quite happy with the product. Would use them again . It works very good for any kind of water. With an Aquaguard water purifier, you can decontaminate the water to get rid of all the impurities and get clean and healthy water. With so many water-borne diseases, it’s good that you’re worried about the water you consume. Depending on which source of water you get, the level of impurities and the quality of water varies. The multi-stage filters and RO membrane effectively remove contaminants such as arsenic, sodium, copper, lead and other organic chemicals. I bought KENT Supreme 2 years back and I am really impressed with the product. It can also filter out harmful microorganisms so that you get safe and clean drinking water. Water which is being supplied by municipal corporation is contaminated as it passes through old and rusted pipelines. Are you scared of drinking tap water? The detachable tank makes it very easy to clean the purifier without any hassles. Contemporary and environment friendly design. The best feature of the product is the dual storage tank. It does not waste a single drop of water or use any electricity. The multi-stage filters and RO membrane effectively remove contaminants such as arsenic, sodium, copper, lead and other organic chemicals. Wall-Mounted RO Water Purifier with advanced multiple purification process. You don’t have to worry about larvae, parasites, bacteria, virus and larger particulates for pure clean potable water in your home.Features:• Featured Penta Purification Process for complete filtration of your drinking water• Change the filters by yourself in under 30 seconds without the help of a technician• Real-time TDS monitoring helps you know the quality of your drinking water• Track and note all-important data points on the Smart App• The In-Tank UV light disinfects your water of any micro-organisms• With a capacity of 7 liters and an auto water level detector, you have enough water for your householdEnsure the health of your family with safe drinking water. If stocks arrive within 30 days, we will use your contact details to keep you updated. On online stores, you can also find and compare Dr. Aquaguard prices to make the right buying decision. Saves a lot of space and provides excellent quality water. Water from rivers and lakes might have impurities, like chemicals, and other harmful pollutants. Get complete peace of mind with 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years Free Service AMC* FREE, worth Rs. My area is fully salty water .I start to use this Aquaguard Reviva last 7 years and found it is the best one.The water is good taste and free from salt .I re... installation charges apply....? Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers - Drink Clean and Safe Water Every Day. Widest service network across the nation with over 1500+ service partners, to make sure that customers experience continued and trouble-free after sales support. The water passes through 5 stages of purification to provide quality drinking water. The water purifiers from KENT use patented Mineral ROTM technology. A water purifier is an important appliance that needs to be installed in every household. But with an Aquaguard water purifier at home, you don’t have to worry about it as it enhances the taste, thanks to its Taste Guard technology and I-Filter. Wall-Mountable / Counter-Top RO Water Purifier with transparent design and state-of-the-art purification. Many of these water purifiers come with LED indicators that help you know the status of the purifier and tank. The wall-mountable design saves a lot of counter-space, which is an added advantage of the product. Nice RO+ UV+ UF+TDS water purifier system, Loved the under the sink water purifier model. You can pay for your Aquaguard water purifier using safe and secure payment options which include cash on delivery, credit/debit card, net banking and EMI. These water purifiers have multiple Aquaguard filters that purify the water so you and your family can drink pure water at all times. The borewell water is also not suitable for drinking as it has high TDS level and it is full of pesticides, insecticides, and harmful chemicals like Arsenic, Fluoride etc. Very … KENT's Mineral ROTM Technology retains essential natural minerals in purified water using the TDS Controller, thereby providing 100% pure and tasty drinking water. Buy an RO + UV Aquaguard water purifier online by comparing different models, and pick the best one that fits your budget. You can also compare the Aquaguard prices of different models and buy the ones that match your budget as well. Protect your Family with Pure Drinking Water. *Please note that all functions, features, specs and any other product information provided on any Xiaomi and subsidiary platform, including but not limited to, benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability and capabilities describing the product are subject to change and changed by the company when deemed necessary without any notice or obligation. Buy Dr. Aquaguard water purifiers today and keep your family safe from water-borne diseases. Some of the most common sources of drinking water are lakes, ponds, rivers, borewells, piped municipal corporation supply, water tankers, and more. You can find a wide range of water purifiers on online shopping sites. KENT RO water purifiers not only remove all kinds of impurities present in water, but also maintain essential minerals. To give you clean water, this appliance features an RO technology that removes the excessive TDS, and also blocks the chemical contaminants and dissolved impurities. KENT is trusted by millions, making it the World's Best Water Purifier. You can also choose a purifier as per the primary purification technology. Each purification stage removes a particular type of contaminant to make water safe for consumption. Wall-Mountable RO Water Purifier with advanced multiple purification process. Kills bacteria with 99.99% efficiency. Below are a few popular models of Dr. Aquaguard water purifiers, along with their specifications, that you can buy on online home appliance stores: This Aquaguard water purifier comes with an 8-L water tank that ensures that you have drinking water on the tap all the time. Boiling the water or using conventional purifiers (UV) only kills bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities. Maintenance is simplified with the smart design that allows you to replace the filter all by yourself in under 30 seconds. Whether you are concerned about your health or taste of water that you drink, an RO water purifier is a great addition to your home. I have been using KENT Excell Plus for almost 6 months and I am satisfied with the product. good turnaround on deliveries for replacement filters. The water that you get in your tap comes from various sources. KENT has also introduced Save Water Technology in many RO purifier models, which recovers more than 50% water as purified. Effectively absorbs odor and organic substances from the water and furthermore improves the taste. And, if you want to ensure that your home never runs out of clean drinking water, you need a Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Technologically advanced RO Water Purifier with futuristic multiple purification process, Wall-Mountable / counter-top RO Water Purifier with multiple purification & detachable storage tank, An advanced RO Water Purifier with multiple purification process and in-tank UV disinfection, RO Water Purifier with UV disinfection in storage tank to keep water pure, Fully Automatic RO Water Purifier with in-tank UV Disinfection. The Products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase, 1 yr domestic warranty on body (if any leakage), The goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier. $199.00 $ 199. Unlike most water purifiers in the market, the Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) features an UV light inside the water tank. Love this product. What’s more? Effectively intercepts large and visible particles, and deeply adsorbs residual chlorine, color, odor, organic matter and other harmful substances in the water. Save $ 106.98 (5 %) PRO+AQUA Whole House Well Water Filtration System Filters Iron Sulfur Arsenic … Technologically advanced RO Water Purifier with a transparent design. We live in Noida and like most of the people used bottled water for all domestic purposes. The carbon filter present in KENT RO water purifier effectively removes chlorine and chloramines. RO water Purifiers are the finest purification system till date. When compared to packaged drinking water and all the medical bills that you end up paying because of consuming unhealthy water, an Aquaguard is a cost-effective option. There are carcinogenic particles present in the water we get at home. The in-built TDS Controller in KENT RO allows adjustment of TDS level of purified water. Furthermore, you can also compare two or more models and buy the best one for your home. Some of the Features of Aquaguard RO Water Purifier. You can also check user reviews and ratings of different products to make an informed decision. Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Xiaomi. Mi Smart Water purifier (RO+UV) is tested and passed as per Indian Standards IS 10500:2012 (Drinking Water), IS 14543:2004 (Packaged Drinking Water) and IS 14724:1999 (Water Purifiers with UV disinfection). The RO membrane effectively filters out heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, scales, organic matter and other impurities with precision up to 0.0001 micron.With a highly efficient TDS reduction capacity of up to 90%, you can trust the quality of water delivered by the Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV). Kyma D. 10:11 16 Oct 20.

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