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Presently those in training at OCS are mustered at the pay grade of E-5 unless they are prior enlisted already holding a higher pay grade. because one of the reasons why I joined the Navy's was so I can travel/explore and experience new things around the world. Breaking out I received a radio call to see if everything was going ok. What a great day! The first difference I learned about was the traffic pattern. The T-28B held a time to climb record when it was first introduced, with a service ceiling of somewhere around 35,000 feet. Visit her site at // is the home page for Naval Education and Training Command (NETC). After graduating from Advanced Flight Training, you will receive the coveted WINGS OF GOLD! Lately, almost everybody in redes has gotten what they wanted (including separation), but like others have said it ebbs and flows. what i don't understand is how these same people who DOR from flight school made it through their ascension source... which are probably more stressful physically and mentally. After returning from the check I decided to have lunch but received a call from East Line Brief warning of low clouds if I waited too late to do the solo. I am almost 100% certain that they will not accept you again...if you couldnt hack it once..why would you hack it a second time. In short, technical training begins with numerous restrictions, and, as time goes on, restrictions are steadily lifted. AOCS contained two parallel track programs, the "traditional" AOCS for college and university graduates that operated on a year-round basis, and the Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate program during the summer and early fall. my ascension program was OCS, I'm currently an Ensign. JavaScript is disabled. The first 8 weeks most candidates wore enlisted uniforms. no e-mail. During the 1950s OCS lasted for 16 weeks. No different than learning to play the piano. Classes advance through three distinct phases, gradually taking on greater responsibility and preparing to commission: In addition to constant physical training and rifle drill, instruction inside and outside the classroom includes. 2.) And Captain Yaskovik USMC who gave me my check ride in Naval Flight Training handed me a piece of paper with “THINK” written in red in block letters which to this day I have on my wall next to my computer, with my other brag sheets, framed. JavaScript is disabled. The SNA learns visual flight, basic instrument flying, introduction to aerobatics, radio instrument navigation, formation flying, and conducts several solo flights. You will be required to submit a package with five other officer communities (including SWO), get letters of recommendation, resume, etc and this will go in front of a POCR board which will determine your fate. Pilot Shortage: Where’d All the Pilots Go? the big difference i would say is that flight training involves more one-on-one training so you can't hide amongst the crowd or just go with the flow. The piece that surprises most of the people that I share this story with is the piece about arriving to Navy flight school with a civilian pilot certificate. In 1978 the Navy had transitioned from the T-34B to the T34C. He said he dropped his flight contract and as a result is going ground, however he cannot compete for a Ground MOS. Instead, they attended their entire flight school program as noncommissioned candidates and did not receive their commissions as ensigns until they completed flight training and received their wings as naval aviators or (prior to 1966) naval aviation observers or (1966 and later) Naval Flight Officers. Now if it's a medical issue but still qualified for other jobs such as SWO, it may be different. An aviation professional and certified flight instructor, he has been involved in flying for almost 20 years. Dor bien means many things depending on how you use it in a sentence. When I was in API (May-June) the redes results were around 1 out of 8 getting picked up. This facet of the training was considered a point of pride by the graduates of AOCS and a mark of distinction they felt separated themselves from the graduates of the original OCS in Newport, as well as NROTC and the Naval Academy. Well, Marty I don't know the time lines for the jet / tailhook guys. I began Navy flt training in 1969, with a Commercial and Instrament rating. Finding an OSO who would put in an application package for someone who previously DOR'd would be a challenge, not to mention the selection board looking at someone who "quit the last time." just remember if you got to go to OCS, thats your chance....if you decide to quit..dont expect to be given another chance. I'm considering separating from the Navy, I was wondering how the process works. I loved flying formations most, aerobatics next, but the most challenging thing I experienced in flight school was a “review stage” instrument flight in a multi-engine turboprop TC-12. The guys that sat around memorizing cue cards had a tough time. 5.) This is an entirely different psychosocial dynamic. A lot. Tradition dictated that when AOCS graduates were commissioned, the first salute they received was from their former Marine Corps drill instructor (returned with a silver dollar handshake). I am currently in Primary at NAS Whiting Field, and I have been struggling with the decision to DOR. Unlike OCS, AOCS classes were numbered by graduation date in the calendar, rather than fiscal year. Then you have to complete the FRS. Assault Element Commander SEAL Team Six. And that is about where you should stop. API is the introduction of flight basics to the SNA. I have a buddy who got NPQ'd for airsickness (very rare) whose roommate DOR'd, and has a friend who washed out. Training Air Wing Four | This is an official U.S. Navy website. We did turns around a point over a boat on the lake and I was hooked on flying forever. It can be challenging for civil pilots to make that leap. That was the first aircraft that I ever flew. I've also heard stories of people being forced to go SWO or do something else to fulfill those years signed. I know this is a taboo question to ask, it's probably not the right mindset I should have.. AOCS trained prospective naval aviators, naval flight officers, aviation maintenance duty officers, and air intelligence officers, while OCS trained all other naval officer line communities (e.g., surface warfare officers, submarine officers, special warfare (SEAL) officers) as well as select staff corps officers. 3.) I wanted to go back for a masters, seeing my friends doing other things that are pretty fun and exciting made me feel like I was missing out on something for example; teaching English abroad, Foreign Service Officer or working back at home and actually establishing fruitful relationships with their girlfriends. At the end of Primary, the SNA chooses the type of aircraft they would like to fly. I just want to know, how does one leave the Navy if he doesn't feel that this is the right career for him? Beginning with Class 38 (April–August 1958) college graduates and fleet sailors were integrated in each company, with all chief petty officers and warrant officers (W-1) placed in their own company. Seems like the retention rate is a little higher with the people that wash out in primary. At AOCS, all basic military training was administered by enlisted United States Marine Corps drill instructors, a holdover from World War II when AOCS and NavCad graduates were given an option of a commission as either an ensign in the Navy or a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Totally ebbs and flows. The Navy offers training at either Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Pensacola, Florida, or Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, Texas. Before I walked in the door of the Navy flight school, I already had a few marks against me. All Naval Air Stations use the T-6B Texan II to train for Primary. I have so much trouble understanding this, yes the navy is hard, different, and you're uncomfortable. My mistake, I thought I read something awhile ago that said if you DOR from flight training your subsequent MOS is determined by the TBS openings, or something to that effect. Naval Flight School consists of four phases: Aviation Pre-flight Indoctrination, Primary Flight Training, Intermediate Flight Training, and Advanced Flight Training. I recommend arriving to flight school with a few hours under your belt, but not so many that you are set in your ways. Then primary is 6 months. The real challenge begins on that first flight where you start your indoctrination into Navy flight procedures. When I look back nearly 50 years, the experience was like a drug: your ego is fed each day through competition with your classmates, air to air gunnery with real bullets, and landing on a carrier for the first time and your all alone. Back then they’d had these plywood cockpit mock-ups with a stick, throttle and a bunch of dials. Oh, and BTW, that’s all with less than 200 hours total flight time. more opportunities to doubt yourself. 4 – In 2004 I was 29 years young and looking pretty hard at 30. A forum to discuss Navy Recruiters, processing at MEPS, Delayed Entry Program, Enlisted Ratings, "A" Schools, Officer Candidate School, Recruit Training Command, and transferring to your first command. After boot camp, Navy recruits attend technical training, usually called Class A school. As an OCS grad your chances of separation are very good if you want it, especially right now as the fiscal year is coming to a close. I second the "Don't ever call us again" line. Intermediate training for the single seat aircraft such as the jet platforms will focus on individual skills, while the multi-seat platforms such as maritime propellers, helicopters, and E2/C2 will focus on crew coordination. You will go into redesignation pool and put together a package that goes to a board. Please read our Privacy Policy. […] BFC-2).xii China had purchased fifty of these in 1933, the same year it went into service with the US Navy, but only four years later the design was already long in the tooth. Other communities do factor flight and nuke attrites into their accession numbers, so they'll expect to absorb a certain number per FY; usually not any more than that.

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