does james patrick stuart sing

Comment below. But a cute couple, nonetheless. Later, when kids come to trick-or-treat at Anna’s, she has switched places with her sister offering the kid’s candy after stashing Anna away in the basement and most-likely locking her in there. Other than that, not impressed at all so far….could have really done without the other banal musical production numbers, especially since I had so desired to be spared of that hokey “You’re Not Alone” for the umpteenth time….up-tempo or otherwise! wink wink ( jean and shelley ) parade of fan recall… September , 2017 is their renewal. Griffin? More actors could have performed, they had a lot of dead space. Follow the link. I just love the Nurses Ball so much! (I can’t put my finger on it!!! Good boy, or bad boy, there is something very endearing and humbling about him—a tangible, childlike pathos, yet so sexy. Stuart who has always been a multi-talented man has also made Valentin a bad boy misunderstood charmer that you kind of root for! Not a bad rendition of the Billy Joel tune by Mr. Stuart, but I certainly didn’t appreciate the “bait-and-switch” nature of his “usurped” appearance at the expense of Dr. O….I hope this doesn’t portend another year without Liesl’s—and the sensational Kathleen Gati’s— performing presence! Does Becky’s new contract state she doesn’t have to perform in the NB? Nina has moved on with Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher). Love it! Unless Valentin is suddenly unleased… Read more », rry & Rebecca…Leonard had a way of writing lyrics that could be interpreted different ways. In a touching moment beforehand, Joss got her big brother Michael’s (Chad Duell) support via the phone since he left the ball to see Nelle (Chloe Lanier) in the hospital. His themes are universal, and can fit your situation at the time. Will he become the ‘killer’ Franco again? Most disappointing for me…. If im not treated to our beloved mutter Liesel i’ll have to go back to therapy!!! Valentin has gone to great lengths to prove his love to Nina but it has backfired in his face. The only way Valentin could be redeemed is it’s revealed he helped Nik fake his death and that he wasn’t aiming at Laura when he “accidentally” shot Kevin. Some left comments such as, “I still have the Nurse’s Ball episode where you sang on my cable box. Ugh. walk the plank and sink. Anna is deep. Roger Howarth showed once again why he can always be counted on to bring poignant moments to his scenes as Franco. If he stays, they’ve got to give us a reason to really care about the character. In the meantime, drop us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. What do you think will ultimately happen to Franco? That girl is gorgeous. If I were Nina I would not let Valentin outta bed (( well except to make toast.. I was soooooooooo happy they did away with Magic Milo but not so happy that there was no Dr Oberet. Take a visual walk through his career and see 83 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 15 clips that showcase his performances. Valentin lied to Nina to keep her from prosecuting Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). The handsome actor took to his Instagram account to show off his singing talents. Share your thoughts via the comment section below. This Nurse’s Ball really was the best one we’ve seen in a long time. At first, she isn’t very motivated to vote, but when she and Trina find themselves traveling back in time to 1920, things take a turn as Josslyn realizes just how important it is to exercise her right to have her voice heard and vote, as those women before her fought for their rights. Yes, Nora could have easily said that Bo and Mac had worked together on a case or two. Great job! However, Valentin still loves Nina and continues to try and get her back. Did any one else else hear Valentin refer to a “beautiful piece of chocolate cake”? Personally, I found the entire event wanting!…I’ve seen better high school productions…actually, I’ve been in better high school productions, having spent my entire youth in the performing arts! Good on them! Period. Rose, I agree with your every word. i’m not saying he’s thee best… he simply has all the serial recipe . Nina and Valentin rushed into a marriage that just seemed right although they barely knew each other. Another fan wrote, “Amazing! We agree again, Rhonda. Throwing her twin in the mix just deflected and yes, kind of ruined their story. That’s all I am allowed to say. If you go to youtube you can view a great, live Cohen speaking at his induction to the 2008 R&R HOF…into by Lou Reed, Halleljah tribute sung by Damian Rice. Under the circumstances I think she looks really nice (and I’m not a big Lulu lover), as does Charlotte in her matching colored “gown.” Then there’s the underlying currents of “drama” with Valentin, Nina and Anna…Jake, Chimera (sp?) Valentin / Nina / Charlotte. Valentin has started to do this by taking over ELQ. All circumtantional evidence my darling MW deserves better then this I personally think she has done this show a favor taken out Morgan and… Read more ». Will Valentin succeed in his quest to regain Nina’s love?”. General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Finale–very moving! Kinda frustrating! JMaurice Benard as Sonny & Max Gail ad Mike, Love you Emma. Hope GH finds a way to bring back karoke or some other way for singing to happen more. Why didn’t they perform a duet?? I love Billy Joel and am happy to see one of his songs surprisingly performed quite well by Valentin. Lets forget the whole Dante thing and have her work at the Metro… Read more », #JAMESPATRICKSTUARTNURSEBALL2017 was incredible. have no idea if you even watched OLTL (don’t remember if you ever mentioned it) so my points might be completely moot for you. On the Monday, November 2nd episode of General Hospital, just before election day here in the United States, the ABC daytime drama is airing a very special episode depicting and remembering the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. So, what did you think will happen next in the Anna/Alex saga? Was anyone else annoyed by the overuse of auto tune? I didn’t read that about Michael Easton! It seemed strange that she was the only nurse not in the opening or closing numbers.

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