dissolution in a sentence

Extreme conflicting opinions led to the dissolution of the company's executive board. ANTOINE HENRI JOMINI, Baron (1779-1869), general in the French and afterwards in the Russian service, and one of the most celebrated writers on the art of war, was born on the 6th of March 1779 at Payerne in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, where his father was syndic. The project's dissolution was announced a few months ago. Before its dissolution the diet promulgated a decree providing that, pending the assembly of a national council, each prince should order the ecclesiastical affairs of his own state in accordance with his own conscience, a striking victory for the reformers and incidentally for separatist ideas. In Palmerston's penal dissolution in the latter year, Bright was rejected by Manchester, but in August, while ill and absent, Birmingham elected him without a contest. In March 1839, after the dissolution of the chamber by Louis Philippe, he was elected deputy for Paris (re-elected in 1842 and in 1846), and sat in the group of the Radical Left, being one of the leaders of the party hostile to Louis Philippe. As regards parliamentary elections (which may be either the " general election," after a dissolution of parliament, or " byelections," when casual vacancies occur during its continuance), the most important of the amending statutes is the Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act 1883. The churches consociated to fight their. Politicians say it could lead to a dissolution of parliament. All opposition was, however, checked by the dissolution on the 18th of January. This may occur by the dissolution of one of the contracting states, by the object-matter of the agreement ceasing to exist, by full performance, by performance becoming impossible, by lapse of the time for which the agreement was made, by contrarius consensus or mutual release, by " denunciation " by one party under a power reserved in the treaty. On the 26th of November 1701 Newton was again elected one of the representatives of the university in parliament, but he retained his seat only until the dissolution in the following July.. but at the next dissolution in 1705 he was again a candidate for the representation of the university. The present Christ's Hospital originally belonged to the Gild of the Holy Cross, on the dissolution of which Edward VI. The dissolution of this second parliament was followed by a short imprisonment of some of the more active members, and by a dethand made through England for a benevolence to make up the deficiency which parliament had neglected to meet. He left the property to the see of Canterbury, and about the time of the dissolution it was given up, by Cranmer to Henry VIII. Accordingly, terms of dissolution were drawn up. Panamanian Company dissolution A formal voluntary dissolution of the company is allowed at any time. We may also call attention to the greatly lengthened choir, commenced by Abbot John of York, 1203-1211, and carried on by his successor, terminating, like Durham Cathedral, in an eastern transept, the work of Abbot John of Kent, 1220-1247, and to the tower (D), added not long before the dissolution by Abbot Huby, 1494-1526, in a very unusual position at the northern end of the north transept. to liquefy; melt into a fluid. No mention of the monastery occurs after the Conquest, but the nunnery of Shaftesbury retained the lordship of the manor until the dissolution in the reign of Henry VIII. Amid Liberal protests in favour of immediate dissolution, he resigned on the 4th of December; and Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, being entrusted by the king with the formation of a government, filled his cabinet with a view to a general election in January. This was a foundation in connexion with the gild of the Holy Cross, but was refounded after the dissolution by King Edward VI.

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