derek cheats on stiles with erica

Stiles sat there with his back against his bed, head to the side with a happy, tear-streaked face. ", Stiles snorted. He's cute, filthy rich and in love with the man of his dreams. They didn't make him feel welcome but not really overly alone. . this is how derek made them agree!! Except for a neat sheet of paper lying on the clean desk. He really would miss his dad and would regret not getting to meet the person that was making him so happy. From the way he's shaking his head I'd say it didn't. "Damn, Stiles, with your grades you could have had your pick of schools," dad looks devastated. Really, he doesn't know. Too bad he couldn't. ScottCh 9: Pining Stiles, surprise kiss, demi Derek, relationship negotiation, fluff, feat. He just grumbled and flopped back down, closing his eyes and pretending to go back to sleep. "I'm not going anywhere as long as you'll have me.". "Okay," Dad claps his hands breaking up my blatant staring contest and he sighs, "God Stiles, first you're a werewolf and now you have a thing for older men?". We break up the mass hug, which I am going to use against Peter as evidence of puppy piles, I already know some of his arguments and I'm ready to counter them, and then we kick back and spend the evening together, as a family. He would hug Derek and accept any excuse he gave him just so he could stay in his arms forever and he wasn't going to let himself do that. ", Dad is watching me thoughtfully, "You mean that, you really will rein in your hormones for him," he frowns, "In that case Peter needs to move out," I protest instantly, "He needs to build his own life Stiles, and he needs to not have people gossip about him and underage boys when you start dating, oh and Derek or I have to chaperone you two if you want to be alone, I will not have people questioning or spreading rumours. Scott and Erika both take frequent breaks throughout the so called game and I'm really aware of the way my bro struggles to breathe on occasion, it's not bad, but it's not good either, he's happy enough to play and then watch when he needs to, plus dad fusses him so they're good. She looks at Stiles with a worried look. Really? They were forever, and nothing could change that. In fact I'd have to say the whole Pack is happy and relaxed, this is what I wanted when I came back. Also, Derek’s personality is very consistent when it comes to women. Everyone really does have their own room, even me, though Peter is going to be decorating his for both of us. With all of the Stiles/Malia and Derek/Kate controversy floating around, I do have to wonder if I missed the implication that Derek actually had sex with Erica to get her to join his pack. They never did. "As long as you promise that this will never happen again." That didn't mean it didn't hurt to walk in to Erica straddling his lap kissing him stupid. "How had he ever thought he had a chance? Someone he had viewed as a friend up until very recently, he knew that even though he should be beyond pissed off and taking a key to Derek's car right now. Derek said kissing him with a smile. Nobody, that's who, "Stiles, I don't. He tells a story or two about when he was younger, talks about how his wife is probably with Stiles right now, getting him accustomed to the afterlife. And we have her now ex-boyfriend sleeping on our couch for four days to top it all off. Stiles gets up quickly and leaves, wiping at his eyes frantically. But he wishes he had never gotten his hopes up. " He was allowed to show a little but of emotion. The the casket was lowered into the ground. He pats Erika's shoulder and talks sports with Boyd. A drunk Stiles nurses his broken heart after walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him. Isaac, my fave overheard on campus moment of all time was the two guys who sat behind me in pop culture theory, as class was starting one of them was like “so… do you want a blowjob after this” in a rly bored voice, and then the second guy was like [pause][dejected sigh] “yes”, 5 Times Stiles Wasn’t Good Enough, and 1 Time He Stopped Caring, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (5), Stiles Stilinski/Original Male Character(s) (2), Stiles Stilinski/Original Female Character(s) (2), Infidelity Outside of Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski (16), Alternate Universe - College/University (4), Infidelity Outside of Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, but Derek and Stiles aren't the ones cheating on each other, Stiles Stilinski/Original Female Character(s), Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski Friendship, Lydia Martin & Stiles Stilinski Friendship, Past Sexual Relationship Between Stiles Stilinski/Malia Tate, Background Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski - Freeform, Allison Argent/Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore, Jackson Jordan Aiden Isaac Daehler Greenberg Liam are all hockey players too, Someone (Not Stiles or Derek) gets cheated on, Derek and Laura are big Grey's Anatomy fans, Polyphobic language and themes (not sure how else to tag that), Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, more tags will be added as i think of them, Referenced to Cheating (Not Between Sterek), Alternate Universe - Werewolves Are Known, Minor Stiles Stilinski/Jackson Whittemore, Stiles Stilinski/Original Male Character(s), Brief Derek Hale/Kate Argent - Relationship, Past Derek Hale/Jackson Whittemore - Relationship, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski are Soulmates, Past Infidelity (Not b/t Derek and Stiles). Stiles laughs.

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