dekalb county property line survey

What is being located? Title Insurance Company will supply a Title Commitment that reflects land title issues. A: Yes. These Provide the elevations of the building’s structures. A: This process is handled by DeKalb County Land Development and/or Planning and Sustainability Department. Site plans are required by Dekalb when constructing new homes or additions on existing lots. Boundary lines without any other support have only legal dimensions; they have no physical dimensions until fences are constructed on the invisible lines and these fences are called for the identified in documents that are in the chain of title, or trees are marked and identified in the field notes, property monuments set. Some survey plats with all the improvemets are being recorded but it's not always the case. A: No, please seek approval by DeKalb County Land Development. A: Mailing addresses are maintained by the Tax Commissioner Office. Designs are tailored to customers’ needs. Our Land Title Surveys are typically provided within a two-week time frame. The original surveyor creates the boundaries of a parcel through actions and words. The DeKalb County GIS Department is a service agency created to direct the development of the county's Enterprise GIS system bringing efficiency and effectiveness to county mapping functions and databases. copyright © 2020 Boundary Zone | All Rights Reserved, North Carolina Landscape Architecture: #C-476, Florida Surveyor Thomas Slater, PSM # 5795”. Q: DO I COME TO YOUR OFFICE IF I NEED A COPY OF A DEED, PLAT OR SURVEY, IF AVAILABLE? A checking process will spot any potential errors from plans or field work before they are constructed. Also it helps all other Chamblee Land Surveyors to find and identify property corners when they do land surveying work on the subject property or adjacent properties. Q: DO I CONTACT THE GIS DEPARTMENT TO CORRECT THE OWNER'S NAME ON A TAX RECORD? Electronic copies can be provided for your records and future use. The limit of a landholding, usually described by linear measurements of the borders, by points of the compass, or by stationary markers. That's why when you order Boundary survey in Dekalb County you will graphically see all the improvements on the property including houses, asphalt and concrete surfaces (driveways and parking areas), fences, sidewalks. Conforms to site plan requirements of the governing authority. Go to the county courthouse in the county in which the land is located. Also it helps all other Chamblee Land Surveyors to find and identify property corners when they do land surveying work on the subject property or adjacent properties. Within this process your plans will be routed to the GIS Department for review and will continue to follow its due diligence until completed. Important Notice: The Property Appraisal office is closed until further notice to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Educational Resource © 2020 Survey Land Express, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Definition according to Brown's Boundary Control and Legal principles by Walter G. Robillard, Donald A. Wilson and Curtis M. Brown, Property Address (Street Number and Name only), Once you click the button below your request will be reviewed and you will be contact at the phone number you listed above. 24 Lenox Pointe, Atlanta, GA 30342 A person or landowner can legally convey only the quality and quantity of interest to which he or she has title. ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are highly detailed to provide the title company and lender with the needed information to insure the title to the land and for the funding of the project. Tel: 404-375-2727 Fax: 404-601-0941 2) DeKalb GIS requires that all re-parcel / boundary line adjustments map changes must display all owner name(s) on the coversheet as per DeKalb Tax Records. The surveyor who creates boundaries locates or creates nothing more than invisible lines and corners points that exist as legal fictions between property rights. A: Bring a copy of your lease agreement or letter from the property owner (or the owner’s management company) to our office. Limited services are available via this website. Helps insurance companies and banks understand the risk they are insuring or financing. The property maps represented on this site are compiled from information maintained by your local county Assessor’s office and are a best-fit visualization of how all the properties in a county relate to one another. Allow Boundary Zone to manage your land surveyor Dekalb County GA needs! Ensures development is environmentally sound. A: Christopher Bell, GIS/Mapping Supervisor, © 2019 DeKalb County. Right after the property title is transferred from one person to another, the legal documents are being recorded in the Dekalb County court house. providing professional land surveying services for over thirty years. There may be a fee to make a copy of the survey. Property Address (Street Number and Name only), Once you click the button below your request will be reviewed and you will be contact at the phone number you listed above. It is publicly available information. Alcohol Surveys are required by Dekalb as part of the permit application for a business or restaurant to sell beer, wine or other types of alcohol. In other words, just the outline of the real property. If you’ve annexed your property into a municipality, then you must request permission to combine, separate or re-parcel from that municipality. Obtain and submit documentation for issuance of Building Permits, Variance Applications, Certificates of Occupancy, Lot consolidation and Lot Division. Yet once it becomes created, it has legal authority. Awards & Honors; Revenue Enhancement Commission; Office of the CEO; Board of Commissioners; Cities in the County; County Information & Maps; County Ordinances; Get to Know the County; Information & Organization; Maps; Public Meetings + Doing Business in DeKalb. Information about Boundaries. Once an original boundary is created and described, that description remains in effect forever, legally. Our surveys are performed in accordance with the standards set by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. You were able to find Survey Land Express website among all Atlanta Surveyors and we appreciate that you are taking your time to read about us, who we are and what we do in land surveying business. Q: DO I COME TO YOUR OFFICE IF I NEED A COPY OF A DEED, PLAT OR SURVEY, IF AVAILABLE? Constructing Staking Services are provided to help contractors in determining the layout of construction actives on the site they are building. For contact information, please visit the Planning & Sustainability website. You can search for surveys using the property address or property owner's name. A: Yes, there are two (2) options to allow someone else to act on behalf of the property owner. Addresses must meet the NENA/URISA (National Emergency Number Association/Urban & Regional Information Systems Association) standards of addressing. A: No, you will go to the DeKalb County … Q: MY BUSINESS IS TRYING TO OBTAIN A PERMIT, BUT OUR ADDRESS IS NOT LISTED IN THE PERMITTING DEPARTMENT BUSINESS LICENSE DATABASE, WHAT DO WE DO? DeKalb County, Illinois Official Site. With the technology and internet capability many plats and deeds are being scanned and uploaded to the county websites or some central data bases, but in case it is not accessible online it can always we obtained in the Count House of Dekalb County just by walking in and making copies. Understanding these boundary lines is important for building improvements on the property.

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