defense budget process

The President and Congress have placed an emphasis on funding the military. The FY 2021 President's budget request of $705.4B, when compared to the FY 2020 enacted amount of $704.6B (excluding natural disaster emergency funding), shows very small growth of approximately 0.1 percent. The Planning, Programing, Budget and Execution (PPBE) process (see PPBE Map) is one of three (3) processes (Acquisition, Requirements and Funding) that support the Defense Acquisition System. Tom McCuin is a strategic communication consultant and retired Army Reserve Civil Affairs and Public Affairs officer whose career includes serving with the Malaysian Battle Group in Bosnia, two tours in Afghanistan, and three years in the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs in the Pentagon. For those who remember the excessive military equipment used in Ferguson this is discouraging. Section 508 |  Funds being spent on the closing of the Guantanamo prison and/or transfer of prisoners to this country. 1 0 obj Expansion of the National Sea-Based Deterrence Fund by transferring $773 million in advance funding for replacement to the Ohio class submarine. In the coming days and weeks, I hope to look more closely at some of the details. defense budget, briefly reviews the budgeting process within the Department of Defense (DOD), and outlines the successive phases of the congressional defense budget process. endobj When he’s not devouring political news, he enjoys sailboat racing and umpiring Little League games (except the ones his son plays in) in Alexandria, Va. The FY 2021 budget requests $69 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO). It just never happens. ACEs investments include: The FY 2021 budget maximizes readiness through robust funding. While it’s easy to say “you can upgrade 130 tanks this year instead of the 135 tanks you wanted to upgrade,” without the detailed information on cost and schedule, Congress would never be able to arrive at a final decision for anything. Follow him on Twitter at, Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process, Army Ends 'Use It or Lose It' Budget Process, Clearance Holder Worried Spouse’s Medicinal Marijuana Will Impact Their Clearance – Ask CJ, 10 Extinct, Discontinued, and Unlikely Future Ranks in the U.S. Military, Absolute Power: The Damage Done By Unchecked Authority, Per My Last Email: 10 Common Email Phrases and What They Really Mean, InBios International Awarded Contract through US Army for SARSCoV-2 Infection Clinical Trials, Ivy Isn’t Out of Your League: 5 Affordable Private Schools for Veterans, Submit Your Veteran Hiring Success for Military Appreciation Month, Maryland Reigns for Cyber Cleared Career Opportunities – Cleared Compensation 2020, Raytheon Awarded $94 Million US Navy Contract. FY 2021 Defense Budget. Whether these matters get resolved in the coming weeks, or as part of an omnibus bill in the fall or winter, there can be little debate that $645 Billion is a huge amount of money – $587 Billion for the Base, and $58.6 Billion for the OCO. All of these POMs get filled-up into a service’s budget request, the services get rolled-into the DOD’s overall request, which is in turn rolled-into the OMB budget submission. And there’s no way the meager staff on Capitol Hill can do the work. This article was originally published in our 2016 edition of the Peace Economy News. However, there is no guarantee that this level of funding will continue into the future. The information contained in this Website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a form of direction or advice and should not be relied upon as a complete definitive statement in relation to any specific issue. The budget: - Professional development and education opportunities for Service members and military spouses They need the DOD’s input. Supports service members and their families, recognizing that our people are our most valuable resource. Moreover, this annual level of military spending will not be enough to meet the long range wish list demanded by today’s military, industrial and congressional leaders. It is the summer of 2016, and once again the nation is engaged in resolving how much should be spent on the military, and for what. This well-known report from the Congressional Research Service provides an in-depth description of the Federal budget process. As long as presidents have been submitting budget requests to Congress, Congresses have been declaring them “dead on arrival.” So this year, the White House didn’t bother submitting a truly serious plan. The process is established by the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) …

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