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Madison, WI’s newest “old school” band is ready to rock. Started playing guitar at age 12, first on acoustic. Roy is from the Philadelphia PA area. [5] Keenan departed ElecSonic to focus on songwriting. atured some fine examples of the band’s powerful original material, which didn’t take long to get noticed by the local media. The group consists of members Tyler Randall and Rob Keenan. The Dawgs’ first demo, recorded at Inception Sound Studio in Toronto, was released early in 1995. He has played keyboards in bands since high school through college and beyond. Between that and Carl’s years of experience fronting The Horn Dawgs everybody’ll have a great time! Fetters became a mentor to the band during their recording process. The band has been playing at venues in the area for 24 years. After he graduated college in 1976, Rampage became LightYear and quickly became the top band in Eastern Idaho. Guitar, bass, and drums. The Gamblers were an American surf rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1959.Distinguished by their vocal harmonies and early instrumental surf songs, the Gamblers are one of the first influential musical acts that recorded surf music, a genre popularized initially in Southern California.The group, led by primary songwriter Derry Weaver, recorded the "Moon Dawg!" This is the gritty, down to earth, bare-bones type of music this band chooses to perform. He was honorably discharged and moved to the Sacramento area in 1985. [2][6], https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Gamblers_(surf_band)&oldid=957211736, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 May 2020, at 17:18. Founded in 1996, we have been Classic Rockin the Sacramento CA area for 24 years! The Dawg Bones is a trio of veteran area musicians and entertainers. With a Namecheap domain, a free WordPress template and way too much time on your hands, you too can slap together a neat and cool website on a shoestring! Roy Chirigotis - Bass. [1] The group's line-up consisted of Weaver (lead guitar), Bruce Johnston (keyboards, piano), Elliot Ingber (rhythm guitar), Larry Taylor (bass guitar), and Sandy Nelson (drums). Keenan soon joined Randall as a student at Berklee, although both eventually dropped out to focus on their musical careers. The Dawg Bones is a trio of veteran area musicians and entertainers. Although there are some crossover tunes in The Dawg Bones’ book, most of what you’ll hear will be a different style of musical fun. LightYear was signed to London Records and went on tour for a year and a half around the western US. The Dawgs This energetic band from Toronto, was formed in the spring of 1994. After watching these groups for years and bringing back (all right, outright stealing) ideas for the benefit of the Horn Dawgs, Carl wanted to present a show closer to what you might actually find if you took a trip to Music City yourself: a small band which can fit inside the space of your spare bedroom, fun music you can dance to, clap your hands, and sing along with, and exhibit personality that makes the show a fun time for everybody! Some thru The Warehouse Ministries Christian church. We are devoted to keeping classic popular music alive and kicking. The three of us got an itch to start cranking out a smorgasbord of classic material we call, “, In the meantime feel free to check out our, If you have a party coming up, or a bar, winery, brewery or other fun place looking for even. Does anyone else besides us and The Horn Dawgs attempt John Fogerty’s Centerfield? As a charter member of The Horn Dawgs Todd has played about every style of percussion playing known to man. A huge fan of Classic Rock and Roll, we are happy he decided to join us in 2019! They released a single 45 called "Forever With You" that landed on The Billboard Top 100. If you have a party coming up, or a bar, winery, brewery or other fun place looking for even more fun, contact us today— before our dance card fills up! The Band is emotionally Raw, and plays from the gut drawing from their separate backgrounds in commercial music in the straight-ahead approach they take. [15][16] After catching a set at the festival, Bob Boilen invited Dawg Yawp to record a Tiny Desk Concert. [8], In Cincinnati, Randall and Keenan worked together at a local waffle restaurant, Taste of Belgium. During their time apart, Randall and Keenan would collaborate on music over the weekends. He is currently the drummer for Walkin the Dawg Band and loves to play music, watch people smile, and dance. [10] A second single, “Can’t Think” premiered via Consequence of Sound on April 28, 2016, describing the band as “completely original” and dubbing them “sitar rock”. After leaving Berklee, Randall and Keenan relocated to Chicago, IL, then Nederland, CO to focus on writing music. New Country, Old Country, Classic Rock and Original Music. Hopefully we’ll be coming to a bar, brewery or house of ill repute near you very soon! So many bands in the area are doing their own “thing,” whether it’s original music, narrowly focused niche formats, or straight rigid devotion to a single style. During this time the members would conceive Dawg Yawp.

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