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The corridors were sharp corners and disjointed curves, and trying to keep track of where she was always gave her a headache. Lexa stepped forward until she was directly behind Clarke. She could feel her pulse pounding against her temples in anxiety. I need nothing else. She took shuddering breath as she tried to squirm away and buck Lexa off at the same time. It might still change, though I’m pretty sure it won’t be G!P. Although she had winced rather hard, when Clarke had squealed in her ear. All we need to know is that the kid is both Clarke’s and Lexa’s, the rest is irrelevant to the story here. Our favorite gays are hoping to finally get some release after what has been a busy week for each of them. It's been just over 6 years and 8 months since the Second Praimfaya. Pairings Swan Queen Bechloe Clexa Supercat Smoaking Canary emison Staubrey Quinntana Brittana Valkubus Multi Pairings. Give! If these machines that surrounded them were alive, then she knew they would have held their breath. Im wondering how often will the updates be for this fic? An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. When I started reading Clexa fanfics, I went through many issues finding great ones among soo many of them. When Clarke is home she won't help take care of their baby and hardly acknowledges the fact they have a baby. And I will always guide you home. Madi is Basically Clexa's Adopted Child; Surrogate family; Kid Fic; Has Plot; Summary. She tried to pull her closer to her, but she lost what precarious balance she had, and she tumbled over Clarke in a tangle of limbs. Rating will go up. What happens when that leader finds out they are mates, and doesn’t let her go? "Oh-ok! Skaikru is gone and Clexa is ready to start a new chapter in their life. I hope you like it :). Clarke is anxious about how they'll take care of a pup during such a shaky time of peace. Lexa held the warm solid body and let her eyes flutter closed for a brief moment. They were playground partners who grew up to be lovers and mates and wives. She had been so stupid! But she didn't know what to say, how to say it. Clarke and Lexa had a fairytale marriage in all respects but one, that they had no one to share their overabundance of love with. A/N: So yeah, I guess I am incapable of writing something without at least a little angst. "Kiss me, and I will stop, Skai Prisa." I should be posting chapter 2 at some point during the week end, next week maximum. Dating is hard coming out of a fifteen-year long relationship with a three-year old in tow. This floor is kind of hard." Mt Weather isn't destroyed, and Lexa helps Abby with the Nightblood Solution to save her people from Praimfaya. If you’re looking specifically for one where one impregnates the other then I guess your only choices are: A/B/O stuff (Often more on the kink/smut side than the kids side). She tried to hide her growing alarm and then remembered he had asked about patrolling, "Sha, of course, Miller. Weather and Clarke has not been seen since. Try adding ‘G!P Lexa’ for example. Loosely based on the movie 'Stuck in Love.' "You are my star, Klark. Just save yourself a heartbreak, you know. Not after the incident with the blue button. She lightly kissed her nose, and green eyes fluttered open. Clarke finds a cafe and a an unlikely fan of her art. Hope that wasn’t too confusing :D. Hi! Although as far as she was concerned, if the blue button had been that important (and judging from the blaring alarms and the people who had immediately panicked, it was important), there should have been at least one guard posted next to the button at all times. Summary: after his blood transfusion with Ontari, Clarke becomes a nightblood and faces good news as bad. Madi is Basically Clexa's Adopted Child; Surrogate family; Kid Fic; Has Plot; Summary. She had attempted to make Lexa feel better by blathering on about how everyone gets lost the first few times, or 15 times in Lexa's case, they visit the Ark. Based on a prompt: Clexa foster parent AU. St-stop! Sex. But I like to imagine that Echo meets the little girl and when she notices her apprehension she wipes the white and black paint off so the child can see her face. Meanwhile, all of her new neighbors are dealing with their own lives and struggles... Lexa returns home from a diplomatic trip to find a tree in the middle of her chambers. She happily swallowed the brunette's light moan, and suckled her bottom lip until it plumped pleasurably in her mouth. Lots of fluff and general cuteness abounds. What had she missed? The flame (AI) holds more secrets than Lexa could have ever imagined and a special surprise awaits her and Clarke that they never ever would have expected. This is a series of Clexa one shots that are all stand alone fics, unless otherwise noted. She couldn't be irritated when soft mossy green eyes stared just a few inches from her own blue. I’ll be reposting my board for the fic with the link to the ao3 fic when it’s posted (it wil be published on my main account which you already know since I commented on your page). Not that she was complaining. After their baby is born Clarke and Lexa stop talking and getting along. (I’ll figure it out). Chapters: 2/? Her heart ached, and she wished she could take back her silence, her hesitation, her fear. He was looking at her quizzically, and he gestured to the door. Coincidentally, their son Aden just happened to have a nightmare the exact same night. Will this change anything? War. "I…I'm sorry, Klark, I didn't mean to make you cry," she whispered brokenly, all the while continuing to inwardly berate herself, "I know I'm not very good at telling you how I feel, and…". Clarke has been tortured for years since Nia figured out she was one of the blue eyed alphas. Clarke moves to a new town with Raven. She knew Lexa wasn't very good at revealing her feelings either in action or word. And she laid her head on Lexa's chest, tucking herself into the strong arms that were her shelter, her home. Clarke Griffin is an omega who has been chosen to mate with the potential heir to the throne and alpha, Lexa Woods. i couldn’t find the group, do u have a link? The girl's brow was knit, and Clarke smiled when she felt strong hands under her elbows and heard the worried voice in her ear. Where you belong." Why had she ever opened her stupid mouth?! To me. Hoping she realized how much she did love her. She rested her chin on top of the golden tresses and marveled that they were even standing here. Lots and Lots of Clexa. All she could see. And then she didn't say it so much in words. fic recs list by lesbianships. Thoughts? She watched amused as the blonde's mouth dropped open and she squealed as she tried to buck Lexa off. She noted the sheen in the blue eyes, and she inwardly cursed herself for causing the blonde anxiety. Easy. Friends. Now her whole world is about to change. She had felt like an untrained goufa being disciplined, and it was a feeling she did not one to repeat. He went out on the hunts many times, and he was becoming a capable warrior. A coming-of-age Clexa fic, in which the girls form an unlikely friendship, before Lexa realizes she is falling for her friend. Love and peace weren't for Hedas soaked in blood with creaking bones and screaming mouths. Or, the apocalypse leaves John Murphy alone with his sister, sister-in-law, and an angry rando. She was the Heda of the twelve clans, and if she were deep in the woods many days away from her home, she would have easily found her way back; so to be stumped by this…this hunk of twisted metal; was more than she was prepared to admit.

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