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He teased Jungkook for his crestfallen looks when Taehyung chose another team, when he wouldn’t come watch Jungkook play video games, when he had the chance to leave practice early and actually did. Away from home, away from his parents, isolated in his sanctuary, Seokjin befriends the voices in his head. Essi vengono al mondo per sua volontà; la notte ammirando la sua splendida luce con occhi da lupo e il giorno aspettando la sua ricomparsa, i loro occhi e corpi umani in fermento. “Give the poor kid a break”, Yoongi broke in at one point. stream my Netflix special @min_yoongi: @ me next time you fucking geezer. However, nothing is how it seems. free Palestine free tay k @namjoon_twt: my chemical romance, the Jonas brothers, and rage against the machine all came back before min Yoongi learned what fashion is, we really live in the darkest timeline. “What a cute kid, huh?” he said to the woman sitting opposite them - and Jungkook’s smile dropped. :) Dates will be included when necessary. He didn't care if it was a sickness or some dangerous form of cancer, as long as she stayed near him." Never mind the things in life that may change, for the love you have for your little boy will always remain. (Pairs and sub or dom is chosen randomly), A question we often ask ourselves is 'what if?' I am such a BTS and Exo shipper ??? or: the fit where they’re all tattoo artists competing in a reality show and Min Yoongi is the smirking judge who came up with this challenge. You've wanted to be an idol since you were a kid. if Yoongi could cry, he would be nothing more than a puddle each time Jimin showed up to see him. Started working with BigHit a few months after BTS made their debut.Story may not be in chronological order. My favs La luna non è sempre magnanima con i suoi figli. His husband decided that when they got married that Yoongi could continue with his goal of being a singer\rapper so his kids would have one parent at home. There, he meets Kim Taehyung and reflection becomes the last thing on his mind. He froze in shock as he stood there drenched then he spoke a few cold and distant words I had heard before and knew all too well “Why would a bitch like you even dare to talk to me if you just wanted to humiliate me?”That was our first encounter and with all that shits going down. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I’ll put numbers and the ship of the fan fiction in the title. Ps. stream my Netflix special @min_yoongi: at least I didn’t fail my driving exam. I will try to post about every ship as much as I can, but Taekook, Namjin and Yoonmin are my favourite ships, so fanfictions about them will probably be the majority. “He won’t always get one.” Jungkook is older now, much more experienced at self-censorship. Unfortunately, life doesn't give us a chance to seek these answers and none of us have a second chance at life...or that is what I thought until that day came... Yoongi had spent far too many nights pretending he wasn’t dead, pretending that in the morning, Jimin would come by and Yoongi would be able to open the door for him. Listening on your Spotify mix you heard a new song that kinda got stuck in your head.You played it on loop shamelessly and while you're on your late night craving run, you met a certain someone complimenting you on your choice of music. Namjoon and Yoongi have lived together for eight years. BTS maknae Jeon Jungkook get’s tangled in a drug scandal, so Bang PD sends him to Boseong to reflect. No, no don’t run off – listen. or Jeongguk goes on a dating show and Namjoon is naked. The truth of the matter is, going back in time and losing everything you know isn’t all rainbows and butterflies despite being with Bangtan Sonyeondan. (Or: in which Jungkook develops a complex about Namjoon calling him a “cute kid” and needs him to stop. This one is cool you get to look at men naked! He's lived every minute of being a stay at home dad, but he's ready to have some help.

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