brain cell vs universe

Interested in brains and cosmic ideas? The 3d modeled image of the universe and simulated images of neural pathways in the brain have been thought to look similar making us think whether there could be a link or not. A Brain Cell is the Same as the Universe by Cliff Pickover, Reality Carnival Physicists discover that the structure of a brain cell is the same as the entire universe. The universe’s similarity to the brain cell could be attributed to Apophenia. To quote: The "universe may be growing in the same way as a giant brain -- with the electrical firing between brain cells 'mirrored' by the shape of expanding galaxies." Dr. Ramachandran, a renowned neurologist in one of his descriptions of the constituents of the human brain said: “The human brain consists of 100 billion neurons, the permutations and combinations of which … Looking at simulations of galaxy interconnections in the early universe and neuron interconnections makes … It is the experience of perceiving patterns or connections even in random or meaningless data.

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