benefits of sponsoring an orphan in islam

If you see a man who is merciful to orphans, you should know that he is of noble natures and good moralities. An orphan in Islam is defined as a child who has lost his father or both of his parents. Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (his index and middle fingers held close together) – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The reason for this is that quotas need to be filled across a number of deserving countries. It offers different services, and more than 350 students are benefiting from it. وقد أشاد أولياء الأمور بالمعسكر؛ مؤكدين أن مثل هذه المعسكرات هي التي يتم من خلالها قياس مقدار التحصيل التربوي العملي على أرض الواقع للأولاد؛ من خلال سلوك الطلاب أثناء المعسكر ووجود مساحات للحرية يتحرك من خلالها الطلاب بدون الشعور بالمراقبة؛ مضيفين أن المركز يقدم نقلة نوعية جديدة بإشراك أولياء الأمور في مثل هذه المعسكرات وإتاحة المجال لمعايشة أبنائهم من خلال رحلات منظمه هادفة؛ مما يؤدي إلى ازدياد إثراء برامج المركز. The baskets contained 50 kg of flour, 10 kg of sugar, 10 kg of rice, 5 liters of cooking oil, powder milk, macaroni, canned legumes, and others. It is also to help make up the food shortage gap. The Mushaf also allows a user to listen to the explanation of the verses; which means s\he can listen to the recitation of the Quran, memorize it, and learn its meaning. Dealing with constant life-threatening situations, there is only a small chance of a brighter future ahead. The idea of Mushaf Bassira is to provide a manual written in Braille code. Your support provides the security and basic needs that a child needs to develop and flourish. QC also built 496 mosques in Indonesia that serve 25,000 people. This project is very special because it offers a sacred service. Most of these people cannot afford buying a copy of the Quran written in Braille code; it is expensive, and very big. can sponsor a child in Syria or Iraq. The number of child deaths in developing countries is rising due to shortages of potable water, food , shelter and, Islam does not spare any effort to ensure that the orphans are cared for and taken care of. This project is one of QC’s most important development projects in the country. My Muslim brother: Islam urges for the virtues and the nobilities of morality. 0 comment. Just £1.13 a day In Arabic, an orphan is called a yateem. 1. وأضاف اليافعي إن قطر الخيرية تسعى من خلال الاتفاقية الموقعة مع "أجيال" إلى حشد كل الجهود لتحقيق الأهداف المرجوة، حيث اتفقتا على التعاون فيما بينهما لما يخدم كل المشاريع المتعلقة بالمجالات التنموية التي تخدم المجتمع القطري. 10,000+ The Messenger ﷺ) said: "The sponsor of an orphan and I are in Paradise together." The center consists of an orphanage, a school (from grade 1 to grade 10), a health center, a vocational training center, farming lands, houses for the employees, playgrounds, and a mosque. Through our Orphan Care Projects, we are able to help more than one orphan. This site uses cookies - we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 153 million. The donations are used for projects that benefit orphans, their families and their communities. Islamic Relief believes in protecting and fulfilling childrens’ rights. Our orphan sponsorship program allows you to provide for the needs and wellbeing of an orphan in need, through a one-to-one model of ongoing financial support. تجدر الإشارة إلى أن قطر الخيرية كانت قد وقعت اتفاقية مع طموح لإدارة العمل التطوعي بهدف تقديم عمل مجتمعي مميز. powder milk, macaroni, canned legumes, and others. Parents are forced to marry their children off young, not because they want to, but simply so that they will have someone to take care of and provide for them. However, Taiz still needs more help. Regarding healthcare, the hospitals of Aden, Ma’rib, and Taiz were supplied with some equipment, 100 first-aid bags, and a large amount of medications, and medical disposables. Because QC always makes sure to help in projects which are good to Bangladesh and its people, it went forward in implementing this project. Not a problem, there are other options! This center provides shelter for 400 orphans, 40 employees and workers, and their families. The noble values which Islam has laid out can be summarily understood by looking at the importance the religion has given to looking after orphans. The aids were delivered through an air bridge from Doha to Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport  following the instructions of his highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, God bless him. The unit’s employees make visits to nearby villages to spread health awareness, and to treat the sick villagers. Your donation will mean they receive Eid presents and attend summer camps, sports classes and regularly fun day trips. Together, our global efforts help sponsor over 60,000 orphans around the world, transforming their lives with opportunities and aid. Any one time or regular donations of any amount can make a considerable difference in the services we can provide. In cooperation with a Malaysian company, QC printed "Mushaf Bassira" to the visually impaired so as to learn the Quran and listen to its recitation easily. In Indonesia, QC inaugurated its campaign "Mushaf Bassira" to distribute 2,000 copies to visually impaired persons. Without an education and the tools to support themselves, they are often without security and stability. Islam considered the sponsorship a great path for goodness: “They ask you, [O Muhammad], what they should spend. This program is one of the best in its field and targets many countries in need. تجدر الإشارة إلى أن مراكز قطر الخيرية لتنمية المجتمع قد أعلنت في الفترة الأخيرة إطلاق برامج ومخيمات صيفية وهي: البرنامج الصيفي "صيفنا أحلى" للفتيان في مركز غرافة الريان، والنشاط الصيفي "استمتع وتعلم" للفتيان  بالخور، و البرنامج الصيفي "حياتي هدف "  للفتيات بالخور، والمخيم الصيفي "لآلئ ومرجان 6" للفتيات بالريان . We work to take them out of child labour, enrolling them in education and helping their parents earn a living so the family can get by. This project, which cost more than 2,000,000 QR, consists of 12 water units with their networks to provide the targeted people and their lands with water; plus a health center which includes outpatient clinics, inpatient beds, laboratories; and a school for the neighborhood’s children. The beneficiaries pay monthly subscription fees which cover operation, and maintenance expenses. This is neither the first nor is it going to be the last project QC implements. Thus, there are many benefits of marrying an orphan in Islam. They are treated at the health center; which increases the total number of beneficiaries to be 38,000 people. orphans are currently sponsored around the world. واتصف المعسكر بالانضباط والتعاون والود والتطبيق العملي للقيم التي قام المركز بتدريسها لطلابه خلال الفترة، وتم التركيز على المهارات الحركية المتنوعة، كما تضمن المعسكر العديد من الفقرات المهارية منها البرنامج الخاص بمهارات كرة القدم وأخلاق اللاعبين؛ بالتعاون مع مدربي نادي الخريطيات الرياضي وكانت عبارة عن محاضرة تربوية عن الأخلاق الحميدة التي يتحلَّى بها اللاعب المسلم؛ خاصة أثناء المنافسات؛ وأتبعها التدريب على بعض مهارات كرة القدم. I thank and appreciate all of you for coming and attending the inauguration of the campaign.". How does our orphan sponsorship program work? We hope other humanitarian organizations would be the same as QC, which has been very giving and supporting.”, Then Mr. Mukhtar Hassan, a member in the local council of Taiz governorate, who attended the inauguration of the campaign said, “I am very happy with this urgently inaugurated humanitarian campaign ‘Yemen, We Are With You’ by QC for the affected people of Taiz governorate. This number represents worldwide orphans without one or both parents to give them a home, safety, or love. The center’s health unit treats the students, the orphans, the employees, and their families, as well as the neighborhood’s. According to UNICEF, a person dies every four seconds because of famine and this person is usually a child under the age of five. They enjoy the right to live a decent life: “Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense? I also thank the Quran Radio and RACA for their continuous support and help. In a press release, Mr. Ibrahim Ali Abdullah, QC’s Director of Relief Department, said, “The implementation of this huge project extends our brotherly and humanitarian duty towards the affected people of Yemen who have been suffering from the ongoing conflict. In addition, 8 water tanks were distributed in Aden with the capacity of 1,000 liters. – In Syria and Iraq, there are no new orphans available at the moment. As part of its interest in teaching Quran and its sciences, QC has implemented a project in Indonesia called "Bait Al-Quran" (The House of the Quran) at a cost of 1,500,000 QR by the end of last year. نظم مركز قطر الخيرية لتنمية المجتمع فرع غرافة الريان للبنين العديد من الفعاليات لصالح الطلاب المشاركين في المعسكر التربوي لطلاب النشاط الصيفي ، وذلك تحت شعار "مهارات مفيدة". The child remains an orphan till he/she reaches the age of maturity or puberty. Ooredoo customers can send "بصيرة"  in an SMS to 92652 to donate 400 QR. "We are very happy to be here today. Without the proper support, they are vulnerable to poverty, sickness and the dangers of the world. The Islamic Relief orphan sponsorship scheme is a lifeline for these children, providing their guardians with the ability to cover all of their basic needs, including food, healthcare and education. Eight-year-old Ismail* from South Africa is the 50,000 th orphan currently sponsored through Islamic Relief. The food baskets, distributed to the beneficiaries, were sufficient for a whole month. The Messenger (, Religious Aspects: Sponsorship of orphans is a manifestation of obedience for Allah Almighty, and the commandments of the Prophet (, In other cases, Sponsorship means taking custody of the orphan's money and developing it in. ونوهت السيدة عيوش إلى أن تعزيز القيم لدى النشء يمثل أولوية المركز؛ لافتة إلى أنه سيتم تسليط الضوء على هذا الجانب واستثمار كل ما من شأنه أن يسهم في تحقيق هذه الغاية، مؤكدة بأنها ستعمل مع الإخوة في قطر الخيرية بكل جد ونشاط لصياغة الأهداف العامة وتحديد طرق آلية تفعيلها ورسم مسارات حقيقية لتنفيذها. – Due to the security situation, feedback reports are nor provided for orphans in Syria and Iraq. Mohammed Al-Khater, Qatar ambassador in Indonesia, said "I am happy to attend this wonderful ceremony. As it always implements projects to solve the problems of poor communities, QC started a project which offers different services in Nouga in Bangladesh. وقد وقّع هذه الاتفاقية كل من السيد عبد الناصر الزهر اليافعي المدير التنفيذي للتنمية المحلية بقطر الخيرية والسيدة الأستاذة غادة عيوش المدير العام لمركز أجيال للتدريب والاستشارات بمكتب قطر الخيرية في الدحيل. ‘I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,’ (putting his index and middle fingers together). England & Wales 1000851; Scotland SC043084. Around 400 students, from grade 1 to grade 10, go to the center’s school. In other words, when you sponsor an orphan, you’re not just giving a gift… you’re giving them a new chance on a better life. Thousands of orphaned children remain vulnerable to poverty and sickness.

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