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Many wartime couples “thought they might never see each other again” — and many married young, often ending up with the first person they’d lost their virginity to, because it was considered the right thing to do. "Midnight Train To Georgia" was originally "Midnight Plane To Houston," but was changed to sound more R&B. 45", "Dean Martin Chart History (Hot 100 Reccurents)", "Dean Martin Chart History (Adult Contemporary)", "Dean Martin Chart History (Country Airplay)", "Dean Martin Chart History (Holiday 100)", "Ella Fitzgerald Chart History (Jazz Digital Song Sales)", "Ella Fitzgerald Chart History (Holiday Digital Song Sales)", "Glee Cast Chart History (Canadian Hot 100)", "Glee Cast Chart History (Holiday Digital Song Sales)", "Willie Nelson Chart History (Hot Country Songs)", "She & Him Chart History (Adult Contemporary)", "She & Him Chart History (Holiday Digital Song Sales)", "Lady Antebellum Chart History (Bubbling Under Hot 100)", "Lady Antebellum Chart History (Digital Song Sales)", "Lady Antebellum Chart History (Holiday 100)", "Idina Menzel Chart History (Adult Contemporary)", "Idina Menzel Chart History (Holiday 100)", – Brett Eldredge feat. "Baby It's Cold Outside...was made famous by Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting. In fact, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” started out as a shtick that the songwriter Frank Loesser performed with his wife at parties. But for women who were caught doing so, the consequences could be steep. Sings the Complete 'Dr. They sang the song to indicate to guests that it was time to leave. Residents of Arizona, Hawaii, U.S. territories Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will not participate in the festivities. The late actor’s widow, Micheline Roquebrune, spoke with news outlet the Daily Mail and revealed that Connery had been suffering from dementia in the last few months leading up to his passing. The Winger frontman reveals the Led Zeppelin song he cribbed for "Seventeen," and explains how his passion for orchestra music informs his songwriting. Clarkson sings the original lyrics, but Legend offers completely different rejoinders, always keeping his cool and sometimes providing comic relief: Christmas songs that don't have anything to do with Christmas, More songs from Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer. The words and Music are By Frank Loesser. […], On Sunday, November 5, 2017, at 2 AM, most of the United States will set their clocks back one hour for officially ending of Daylight Saving Time. They did a sketch about gangsters and the sketch ended something like this: Dean (Dino Martinez): Well, Rocky’s (Jerry Lewis) gone Baby It's Cold Outside. Is The Twinkie Defense Actually A Real Thing? According to surveys by Alfred Kinsey, author of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, one of the best-selling books in America in 1948, about half of men said they wanted to marry a virgin, more than 60% of college-educated men said they disapproved of premarital sex, and about 80% of college-educated women said they had moral objections to it — and yet, about half of women and more than half of men said they had had premarital sex. A freak storm shipwrecked them on a deserted island. One of my favorite horror movies from the 80s regularly plays around this time of year is the movie Creepshow. One result of that situation is the dynamic on display in the song, in which the woman sings that she “ought to say ‘no'” and mentions how the neighbors will gossip if she doesn’t leave. Genesis' key-man re-examines his solo career and the early days of music video. The words and Music are By Frank Loesser. [9], Since 2009, the song has faced criticism in some feminist circles for the alleged implications of its lyrics, with certain elements, such as the line "What's in this drink?" Save on the cover price & free e-Gift card for Giftees! While two grand juries didn’t indict the men, the case and protests against the rape of black women helped lay the groundwork for the civil rights movement. “In the 18th and 19th century, if you were over 10, you were considered legally capable of consenting or withholding consent to sexual relations,” says Estelle B. Freedman, professor of History at Stanford University and author of Redefining Rape: Sexual Violence in the Era of Suffrage and Segregation and Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America. Here’s What to Know About Consent in the 1940s. There was no way for women to win,” she says. All Rights Reserved. With Halloween comes lots and lots of scary movies. line carried a criminal connotation. Sharon Osbourne said it’s “not right” to change “an innocent lyric,” which she argued is akin to trying to covering up nudes in classic works of art. The song’s original female aggressor, Betty Garrett When Frank Loesser, the Jewish composer of musicals like “Guys and Dolls” wrote “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in … Sings and Laurindo Almeida Plays, Sammy Davis Jr. Marylin: I can’t? "[3] In 1948, after years of performing the song, Loesser sold it to MGM for the 1949 romantic comedy Neptune's Daughter. But even when “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” first became a hit, some people thought was risqué. The trick is in the assumption that the song that we’ve been associating with the 1959 album obviously wasn’t. While the lyrics make no mention of a holiday, it is popularly regarded as a Christmas song owing to its winter theme. But just because a woman would have a reason to demure despite her wishes, that doesn’t mean the situation in the song is obviously a harmless one. I have gone up and down with my […], (PCM) Cartoons are a huge part of popular culture and just about everyone’s childhood while growing up. was a common idiom of the period used to rebuke social expectations by blaming one's actions on the influence of alcohol. Within this environment, the contradictions were many. In fact, World War II brought with it a wave of sexual activity. Jack White titled "Seven Nation Army" after how he would mispronounce "Salvation Army" when he was little. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” won the Academy Award for best song in 1950, and it became one of the hottest songs of the holiday season in the next years. [104] Deana Martin, whose father Dean Martin recorded a popular version of the song in 1959, criticized the new interpretation as "absurd," saying her father would not have approved of altering the lyrics (which she maintained to be more sexually explicit in the new version than in Loesser's original) in order to appease contemporary sensibilities. Many have claimed mental illness, while others have used some more far out excuses such as the “Twinkie Defense”. ", "Radio station returns 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' to playlist after 'overwhelming' poll results", "Despite #MeToo Backlash, Dean Martin's 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Hits Top 10 on Digital Song Sales Chart", "Dean Martin's Daughter Speaks Out About John Legend's New Version of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside, "Dean Martin Chart History (Hot Canadian Digital Song Sales)", "Dean Martin Chart History (Euro Digital Tracks)", "@kingofcool's 1959 holiday song "Baby It's Cold Outside" debuts on the #Hot100 for the first time this week at No. Beloved Actor Sean Connery Battled Dementia Before His Death At Age 90. On The Voice on Tuesday night, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson performed their new cover of the song, in which he sings about being supportive of whatever decision she makes, with lines like “It’s your body and your choice” and “I want you to stay, it’s not up to me.”. Johnny Mercer did not write it. “Changing sexual mores in the early 20th century—both the decline of the purity ideal for all women and the rise of individual dating—created a transition period characterized by very mixed messages, especially about what a woman ‘owed’ her date,” says Freedman. For women of color, consent was even further from view. [1] On November 30, 2018, Cleveland, Ohio, radio station WDOK Star 102 announced that it had removed the song from its playlist due to its lyric content, based on listener input, "amid the Me Too movement". (PCM) Who is the woman you hear singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Dean Martin? Several recordings of this song emerged in 1949, the most popular of which was by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer, backed by the Paul Weston Orchestra. She said she drank because she was lovesick, and "you can't go into rehab for that.". In fact, the year “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was composed, in 1944, the NAACP sent Rosa Parks to help 24-year-old Alabaman Recy Taylor speak out about being gang-raped by six white men on her way home from church. In 98 episodes, they all got along pretty well, a shining example of how we could all […], Halloween is right around the corner, which is a treat for horror fans. Meghan Trainor – Baby, It's Cold Outside", – Brett Eldredge feat. Women who got pregnant could be kicked out of their homes and out of college; pregnant high-schoolers could be sent to homes for unwed mothers, forced to give their babies up for adoption, and to undergo a rehabilitation program before they could go back to school, according to Rachel Devlin, author of Relative Intimacy: Fathers, Adolescent Daughters, and Postwar American Culture and a professor of History at Rutgers University. Dean Martin recorded the song for his 1959 album A Winter Romance, with a chorus of women, although some reports say it was Marilyn Maxwell. It wasn’t until after the 1960s women’s movement that a conversation spread about consent in a situation like the one described in the song. Since 2009, the song has faced some criticism for the presumed implications of its lyrics as depicting sexual assault or harassment. Recored By Dean Martin in 1959 ", Biden Takes Lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Hillsong's Carl Lentz, Megachurch Pastor to the Stars, Admits Infidelity After Being Fired Over 'Moral Failures', Trump Struggles to Face the Possibility He Lost, You can unsubscribe at any time. We got invited to all the best parties for years on the basis of 'Baby.' Write to Olivia B. Waxman at It has been recorded by many artists since its original release. This was done in a 2013, Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé took this song to #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 2014. The American…, A birthstone is a special gem dedicated to each month…, Andy does not have a daughter born in 1989! ", "Daughter of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' writer Frank Loesser blames Bill Cosby for recent radio bans", "#MeToo movement causes Cleveland radio station to stop playing 'Baby It's Cold Outside, "Radio station pulls Baby, It's Cold Outside from airwaves, sparks internet firestorm", "Radio Station Removes 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' From Rotation During #MeToo Peak", "Is Baby It's Cold Outside an ode to rape that deserves its sudden banishment from Canadian radio? ‘Tis the season when wintery songs take over the airwaves. Is he Sean Lennon's godfather? This induced more covers, including a version by Ray Charles and Betty Carter that went to #62 in the US. Meghan Trainor – Baby, It's Cold Outside", "Brett Eldredge Chart History (Canada AC)", – Brett Eldredge feat. The song "Don't Worry Be Happy" doesn't use any instruments - it's all Bobby McFerrin using various parts of his body to make the sounds. This song is a point-counterpoint between a man and a woman, each with very clear goals: She wants to go home, he wants her to stay. By today’s standards, many people consider the song a bit “rapey” with the first assumption of whatever was put into the drink mentioned in the song was a ‘roofie.’ I’m pretty sure that Frank didn’t ‘roofie’ his wife, and the song was first heard in 1994’s Neptune’s Daughter. Could…, (PCM) For some very mysterious reasons there has always been…, "What came first, the music or the misery? “Interracial rape was a ubiquitous form of terrorism in the South,” says Devlin. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is definitely a real thing! [7] In the film Neptune's Daughter the song is first performed by Ricardo Montalbán and Esther Williams, then by Betty Garrett and Red Skelton but with a comic parody twist: this time the man wants to leave and the woman is the host and wants him to stay. Whiting was a popular singer of the era, but Mercer was better known as a lyricist - he later penned the words to ". このラジオ局が行った賛否を問うネット調査によると8,610人の内94%は曲を継続放送することにポジティブであったという。

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