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With some programs you may see that benefit in a direct at-the-pump discount; others may offer rebates in some form; others still may generate a lower-than-market price; while some offer spiffs in exchange for points accumulated from fuel purchases. Invoices and statements are simplified for efficient record-keeping. The AVTRIP program is Avfuel's way of saying THANK YOU for flying within our FBO network. So why do we seldom talk in terms of dollars- per-hour of fuel? Avfuel’s cards are recognized throughout a global network of locations and offer numerous benefits. Accompanying each of those stand-out moments of aviating extremes: the extreme RPM achieved by the spinning digits on the fuel-flow indicator. The company- based in Hong Kong- boasts offices in Asia- the Americas- British Virgin Islands- Europe- and the Indian Sub-continent. The discounts add up in a bigger way when you up the ante 50 percent to 300 hours of annual use - a level more typical of larger corporate operators. Enrollment is available on-line at the AVTRIP Rewards page of the AvFuel website. Simply enroll online- through the call center- or at any participating ExxonMobil Aviation- Exxon- or Esso branded FBOs in North America. For more information, please contact your sales representative. Sign up for free aircraft sales alerts and digital aviation magazines now. A rare opportunity to pilot a combat aircraft many years ago etched in my brain sensations- emotions and perceptions in direct proportion to the speeds and Gs achieved during the flight. Redeem the coupons through the Awards website and when your account total reaches a value of $200 – after purchasing 4-000 gallons for a total of 40 certificates in a calendar year – Atlantic Aviation sends the named enrolled an American Express debit card with $200 on it. It’s easy to recall the latent impact on my muscles from 90 minutes of high-G maneuvering; the sudden impact a 6-G pull-up imposes on the eyeballs; the breath-robbing embrace of instantly weighing seven times normal in the ejection seat; the breathtaking rotation of the altimeter needle during a 20-000 feet-per-minute climb. Avfuel accelerates the points in your account by giving you FREE points - … CAA only allows one CAA Preferred FBO at an airport. Once signed-up- earning points is as simple as a Pilots+ Rewards Card swipe concluding your transaction - 5 reward points per gallon in the U.S. and 1.5 reward points per liter in Canada (points are granted on qualifying purchases of aviation fuel at participating dealers in the Continental U.S. and Canada). The company notes on its website- “We have a unique and compelling simple business model that offers clients a low-cost- independent- on-line fuel buying and trading platform that wraps the buying power of a substantial co-operative with speed- scope and convenience of the internet and SMS/VOIP technology.” By using high-tech web-based systems for order placement- invoicing and administration- AML Global is a company which has set its sights on being one step ahead. [email protected]. “If I couldn’t afford this I wouldn’t be flying it- of course…but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch what I spend.” The discounts add up- he explained: the small per-gallon savings and modest total account discounts to which he subscribes achieve substantial value when you apply them to the fuel for 200 hours of flying (his average annual use). He knows well the tax implications for his business use; they help make the plane financially feasible. What the program sponsors all promise or offer is a measurable financial benefit for using their program. Fuel-purchase incentive programs of all ilks are available to owners and operators of business jets - something the owner of my recently sampled jet reminded me about. One note here: Remember that accountant we spoke of earlier? ATLANTIC AVIATIONAlthough terms and conditions apply- Atlantic Awards ultimately puts money back in the hands of the person wielding the fuel card. Available at more than 500 FBOs around the country- the AVTRIP Rewards program credits two points to you for every gallon of fuel purchased in the program; and AVTRIP Rewards’ cross-promotion efforts mean the participant can earn points through non-fuel opportunities. The experience flashed back to me recently while monitoring fuel flow from the right seat of a business jet. Through our fuel program the following fuel cards are available to you: Jet Aviation expands aircraft management services with insurance benefits analysis, Jet Aviation continues to expand its global aircraft management fleet. The combination of Avfuel’s worldwide supplier network, experienced logistics team and competitive pricing allows for stable supply, maximum procurement efficiencies and fuel savings. There are no fees on the Avfuel Pro Card, and both fuel and non-fuel items can be purchased with the card. That's why Avfuel created the Avfuel Pro Card – one card that does the work of an entire card portfolio. As a registered participant: Earn AVTRIP points each time you refuel at one of over 500 participating FBOs. Good programs for checking fuel prices include FltPlan.com, offering fuel prices at 4,500 FBOs; AirNav.com, spotlighting fuel deals and offering an AirBoss card for discounted fuel; and AOPA, partnering with 100LL.com for pricing of jet fuel and 100LL. PRICES CAN VARY – SAVE WHERE YOU CANRegardless of the aircraft we spend our time flying- fuel use varies in direct proportion to our time flying; at whatever per-hour number is typical for a given aircraft- flight hours control fuel consumed. With this program, you can even accumulate the discount until you have enough to save 20c per litre on a 50L tank of fuel. Redemption options are the broadest among the reward programs examined for this story. Awards are issued automatically - there's no complicated redemption process. Step higher to a Challenger 300 and expect about $1-600- two-thirds of it in fuel. All redemptions must be done using Atlantic Aviation’s website. More information from www.atlanticaviation.comAML GLOBALAmericans might most easily understand the concept of AML Global as the company describes itself: a buyers’ co-operative focused on securing the lowest price possible for customers through direct negotiation with refuelers that are leveraged by – yes- you guessed it – the size and volume power of its membership. More information from www.amlglobal.netAVFUELFuel supplier AvFuel works to promote its vendors and its aviation fuels through a number of programs that help create linkage between the FBOs and the pilots who use them. More information from http://corpaa.us/. “But travel benefits and business deductions aside- we still have to generate the money to pay for the plane and its use-” he noted. Or just leave it hidden in the mystique using a private aircraft. At 5-000 points – the equivalent of 2-500 gallons of fuel – AVTRIP Rewards automatically sends the participant a U.S. Savings Bond worth $50. Cardholders have the option to receive one invoice for both Avfuel Contract Fuel and retail fuel transactions. Its contracts provide access to FBOs around the world. You will need to make sure that accountant knows of your fuel-discount-program participation- regardless of its form. We in aviation generally describe fuel use in pounds per hour- maybe gallons per hour – seldom- if ever- in dollar terms. Commercial Fuel: A comprehensive, single-source solution. Avfuel accelerates the points in your account by giving you FREE points - boosting you toward 5,000 points FASTER. Shoving the throttles into afterburners ignited a ring of pure fuel just inside the engines’ exhaust- producing acceleration that further pinned me into the ejection seat. Enrolment is free- as with most of these programs. It’s not just food either – anything from carpet cleaning to automotive services is covered. Paragon Aviation Group The dues schedule starts at a $600 minimum: a per-company $400 fee plus another $200 per aircraft. Bravo’s concierge program will work with you to fulfill special redemption requests and identify the points required to fulfill that request. “Anything that eases the burden makes life that much easier. Take the next rung up to the Gulfstream G500 or G550 and you move up to more than $2-400 an hour – more than $1-600 of it in Jet A. Now- consider the differences using a price more typical today – about $4.50 per gallon… Knowing these numbers- who wouldn’t avail themselves of every ‘break’ they can get? With more than 650 Avfuel-branded FBOs and 3,000 Avfuel Contract Fuel locations worldwide, the Avfuel Pro Card has you covered no matter where you fly. A rare opportunity to pilot a combat aircraft many years ago etched in my brain sensations- emotions and perceptions in direct proportion to the speeds and Gs achieved during the flight. Visa $25 gift cards are also available in the U.S. Pilots+ Rewards Program members in Canada become eligible to receive a $25CAD gift card of choice from national brand retailers such as Future Shop- Roots- Best Buy or The Home Depot for every 15-000 points earned. With over 250 aircraft in our global fleet, our fuel specialists have considerable purchasing power with which to negotiate substantial price discounts and we are pleased to pass these savings on to you. For more information view our updated Privacy & Cookie Policies. For most pilots and aircraft operators the AVTRIP Rewards program will fit best. It wasn’t quite the same sensation but after checking that business jet’s fuel-flow numbers and developing a current prices per-hour fuel cost- curiosity made me look-up the fuel-flow numbers for a representative F/A-18. Rewards from these programs may have to be treated as income to a recipient – corporate or individual. The requirements are straightforward and simple: a) The member must operate at least one turbine aircraft; b) The member may not hold a FAR 135 operating certificate; c) The member must be a member of the National Business Aviation Association; and d) The member must have an e-mail address. More information from www.avfuel.comEXXONMOBILExxonMobil Aviation's Pilots+ Rewards program makes ease-of-use a top priority. Pilots+ Rewards Program members in the U.S. are eligible to receive a $25USD gift card of choice from top national brand retailers such as Nordstrom- Macy's- The Home Depot- and Best Buy for every 20-000 Pilots+ points earned. You can plan fuel-smart routings through use of some of the fuel-finder services- either by finding a suitable place that accepts one of your programs- or by uncovering that hidden gem of an airport that’s day-to-day less expensive than the competition – one with a fuel discount program. Omni International Jet Trading breaks down hourly operating costs at its website http://www.omnijet.com/doc/index.html and shows numbers for more than 90 common business jet models – including current production models. Spiffs available by redeeming points number 45 million- according to the company – exclusive of travel opportunities and special events that Bravo makes available to members. Thanks to fuel cards and discount programs- operators can shave a worthwhile amount off the direct operating costs. Corporate Office: +1 734-663-6466 Thankfully- Uncle Sam tends to get a better pricing on fuel than most business aircraft operators - buying on contract- and the government participates in any number of fuel-saving programs for fuel bought off contract. Move up to a Citation CJ1 and the numbers add up to about $830 an hour - $450 of that in fuel. The Fuel Program Member companies that frequent the airport where the FBO is located then vote YES or NO on the question, “Do you want this FBO in our program?” An FBO applicant must receive a minimum of 35 net YES votes to be named a CAA Preferred FBO. Our fuel program supports a significant number of fuel vendors with whom we collaborate at more than 350 locations worldwide to ensure we help meet your fuelling requirements seamlessly — and cost-effectively.

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