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2 magic questions to ask every interviewer. “My Gmail inbox is littered with e-mails from ZipRecruiter,, and others. The impact on pay is dramatic. Now here’s the backlash employers have exposed themselves to. Despite my relative lack of experience, he was smart enough to recognize people with aptitude can be quickly trained. They make money when employers and workers keep looking for jobs. Transparency is built into the business model. Its beatific Silicon Valley bluster covers the fact that it’s pure snake oil, in my opinion. look me up. Guarantee everyone a job? Says one job seeker: “I heard an advertisement for ZipRecruiter on the radio. ZipRecruiter says you can post jobs for foreign applicants only. Not limited, ABOLISHED. @All: Rob has done some stunning research on overseas “consulting” firms that solicit U.S.-based workers — from supposedly U.S.-based offices. Basic definition: A corporate propaganda campaign decrying a mythical shortage was used to create a visa program based on a false narrative. Also, I’ve found that the colleges are pushing for H1B visas, Dream Act, DAPA, etc undercutting Americans further. As I mentioned in a prior post, taxpayers are already paying for someone else (“migrants, immigrants, illegals”, etc.) (It’s hard enough for me, too, so I understand the inclination!). Someone coming from a country where the higher degrees (BA/MA) are subsidized so they come to the US with no debt, but their US peers are usually already heavily in debt to obtain the BA/MA and then must further fund the PhD, so many drop out and decide it just isn’t worth the cost. Supposedly, it’s “cheaper” to hire 3 “senior” people overseas than a new grad stateside. The job went on hold. “Contractors are also submitting many applications for foreign visas for work at other large American technology companies, according to a recent analysis of Department of Labor records covering eight major tech businesses between October 2015 and October 2016. More important, this ad is on ZipRecruiter. Sara Blackwell is putting together a rally while the India Prime Minister is in town. I Know. I agree guest worker visas should be abolished in favor of straight up immigration. Not just the Progressives. Folks: I’d like to suggest that we leave national politics out of this. I spent 4 years and $20k out of my own pocket at my last job pursuing an MBA. But I don’t. Real economic outcomes are not part of the economic calculation. This is not what I do, just like I don’t perform surgery, fly commercial jet liners, or operate nuclear power plants. Yet it does reflect quite a contradiction employers have towards hiring. We (my wife and I) had to fund our own way and spent decades digging out of debt. Can they find out I was fired from my last job. Toys R Us I did Toastmasters. Maybe he isn’t aware of it, maybe he can’t do anything about it, and maybe all these schemes are completely as advertised. I’ve noticed that the opening line has changed recently.

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