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The fact that she is bilateral below-the knee amputee, born without fibula bones in both shins, has not hindered her success in any way. Playing well in the sandbox of paid speaking since 2001. ‘Don’t disturb the peace, don’t threaten the rest of us by trying to reach your own heights.’”. [6] She was on billboards across America as part of the "25 Years of Non-Uniform Thinking" campaign Kenneth Cole in 2009. Be unrealistic! Groundbreaking Athlete, Fashion Icon, Actor, TED All-Star, One of the Youngest Inductees to the National Women's Hall of Fame, and Design Innovator, TIF file (65MB) ©HEAD –Genève, Michel Giesbrecht, TIF file (44MB) ©HEAD –Genève, Michel Giesbrecht, Black and White Partial Bodyshot 1 (2.6MB), She makes her primary home in New York City, Her first major film role was in Matthew Barney’s The Cremaster Cycle, Aimee set world records in three events at the Paralympic Games in Atlanta and served as Team USA’s Chef de Mission’ for the 2012 Olympics in London. Sports people in this class are eligible to participate in include athletics, swimming, sitting volleyball, archery, weightlifting, wheelchair basketball, amputee basketball, amputee football, lawn bowls, and sitzball. With “people” she means the countless doctors she encountered as a child. In 1998, Aimée made her runway debut in London at the invitation of one of the world’s most celebrated fashion designers, Alexander McQueen. Also while at Georgetown, Mullins was one of three won a place on the Foreign Affairs internship program, working at The Pentagon. “My entire life, people have tried to tell me what I’m never going to be able to do. Rehm is nicknamed "The Blade Jumper", as he is a long jumper with a blade-type leg prosthesis. It includes ISOD A4 and A9 classes. There she worked as an intelligence analyst over the summer vacation. If you have the chance to book her or hear her speak – don’t miss the opportunity. “People often want to know what my five-year plan is. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. She is credited as being one of the speakers that inspired Chris Anderson to purchase the TED conference from Richard Saul Wurman. “Beauty is not confined to physical features and measurements. The difference is that she’s impossible to categorise: olympic athlete, supermodel, artist, actress… By infiltrating all imaginable worlds, Aimee has changed our understanding of what is beautiful, what is normal and what is physically possible. Further, she became the first female amputee in history who reached into the final of Paralympics in 1996 in Atlanta. Former American Paralympic Athlete, Actress, and Fashion Model. “We’re coming,” replies the voice that I assume to be an assistant’s. [11] They became engaged in May 2014, [12] and married on May 1, 2016. In everything she’s done, she’s come first; and, with the records she’s broken in trials, she’s sure she’ll go home with the gold-medal. She won two medals at the London 2012 Paralympics, and represented Australia in the Beijing 2008 Paralympics. I didn’t know what prostheses were. “Then everyone began dividing into cliques. The result is the creation of a truly one-of-a-kind experience. How can adverse conditions be viewed with curiosity and wonder? While a Dean’s list student at the prestigious School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, she set her sights on making the US Team for the 1996 Atlanta Games. I was tired of everyone coming up with a whole list of reasons for why things weren’t going to work. Some weeks before the competition she tried out on a dirt-road, to see how far she could run on the thick plywood-prostheses she’d grown up with. Her passion for running is equaled only by her drive and determination to make a difference in whatever she pursues. Her right lower leg was amputated below the knee. What she seems most excited about is a try-out for a role in a new TV series by David Fincher, the director behind, amongst other things, The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She made her acting debut in 2003 and has built a career in film and television, acting alongside such notables as John Malkovich, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ellen Burstyn, Paul Giamatti, and Elle Fanning. In 2018, she received an Honorary Doctorate from  Northeastern University and delivered their commencement speech which garnered a standing ovation from the audience of 22,000. While attending Georgetown University on a full academic scholarship to the School of Foreign Service there, she competed against able-bodied athletes in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I track and field events, and is the first female amputee in history to compete in the NCAA. After then making her mark in the highest echelons of the fashion press (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Glamour, and Elle), she was also named as one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”, Esquire’s “Women We Love,” Jane magazine’s “10 Gutsiest Women,” Sports Illustrated’s “Coolest Girls in Sport,” and was celebrated as the “Hottest Muse” in Rolling Stone’s annual Hot List. He’s photographed the sign outside the photo-studio that says “Aimee Mullins. Aimée soon landed a 10-page feature in the inaugural issue of Sports Illustrated for Women, which led to her accepting numerous invitations to speak at international design conferences. 3 Bessom Street, # 123 Marblehead, MA 01945 USA ------ 110 Main Street, #3C Burlington, VT 05401. Mullins has excelled in multiple fields, inspiring people around the world as an athlete, actor, model and speaker. After a profile in Life magazine showcased her in the starting blocks at Atlanta, the world took notice. “My vision for I.D. In 2012, Mullins was named Chef de Mission for the USA at the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London. [9] She was named a TED "All-Star" in 2014. Born without fibulae in both legs, Aimée’s medical prognosis was discouraging; she was told she would never walk and would likely spend the rest of her life using a wheelchair. One of these people is former sportsman Van Phillips, who’d lost a foot in a water-skiing accident, and decided to seek the aid of flight-material engineers in developing the next generation of protheses. “People try to make me into a model, and they mean well, but I don’t believe in models. In 2012, Mullins was named Chef de Mission for the USA at the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London. Aimee Mullins was born without fibulae and had both legs amputated below the knees as an infant, but athletics still has been a foundation in her life. Through this partnership, she became the first woman with a “disability” to compete in the NCAA, doing so on Georgetown’s nationally-ranked Division I track team. Close up, it’s almost frighteningly like a flesh and blood leg with all its imperfections. She is credited as being one of the speakers that inspired Chris Anderson to purchase the TED conference from Richard Saul Wurman. When we pull in to her front door, he’s standing there waiting. Other film and TV credits include roles in Oliver Stone's World Trade Center , Five Little Pigs with David Suchet and Aidan Gillen, Naked in a Fishbowl , Quid Pro Quo with Vera Farmiga and Nick Stahl, and Marvelous with Amy Ryan, Michael Shannon, Ewen Bremner and Martha Plimpton. Well, Amiee started her athletics career during her university and she completed her able-bodied athletes in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I track and field event. What she couldn’t win in the schoolyard, she took back in the classroom. Set up goals and imagine wildly. It took several dates before she told him. The heat in the studio is oppressive, and the thin, white, curtains that flutter over the big windows don’t let much oxygen in. In 2019, she inducted Jane Fonda into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Then something interesting can actually happen, and it has so far. Aimée serves on the boards of various non-profit organizations, most notably the Women’s Sports Foundation, founded by Billie Jean King, of which Aimée was elected President from 2007 to 2009. I want to retain the right to continue exploring and meeting exceptional people around the world. Sports people in this class are eligible to participate in include athletics, swimming, sitting volleyball, archery, weightlifting, badminton, lawn bowls, sitzball and wheelchair basketball. The following spring, she was a member of the Hoya women’s track team, competing against able-bodied athletes. He has lived in New York City for 25 years. Aimee was photographed with dear friend and renown designer Olivier Theyskens for Vogue Germany – Olivier also made Aimee’s wedding dress. You’ll never end up like all the others. – Chief Marketing Officer, Guidewire Software. Those with one leg left can have a prothesis modelled after it. As an athlete, she holds world records in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash and long jump. “I thought: If I’m going to be the fastest woman on prostheses in the world, why are we looking at human legs with calves and feet? Former American Paralympic Athlete, Actress, and Fashion Model. Education: Scholarship to Georgetown University in Washington, Work experience at the Pentagon. You maybe think that you fit in, but really you’re just wasting away.

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