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While there are plenty of bigger arm fast programs, they are all the same old combination of curls and tricep extensions. '� T#�� �Z�?u��!Wʪ�e.\��܇sR��nr�!�K���i'��C����;�� 4T]B�M!b=��?��dqe�������WG���M��|���y>�Y�`��m�s�i?��#�(irt�g�����K��yBv$�\G�dė���X��qA�\.#�2bK��y@,Ip�� ��.� �%��$�\G�dė���X��qA�\.#�2bK��y@,Ip�� ��.� �%��$�\G�d���� �\t6_���r�d�/��c�?��~�a �!�G��� f�+�_mj�">b��!��U�ڠ��#�(i2^��T_[%�2d+�� �E�d i�PR������SL���M��jN�ocǧ�V9�D�����'�,P��V�����a[�K�d>J�u ��-ř%(I\�g����Y�h��(gj��IWC�T}esZKU��������Ɲ �����2eA�(��_j.^��j%�W;^�O1�����3FZ�^��LC2�j���Y)e�Iի�̃�k�j�x-��2��5мSR�b�Ӗfn��ɒg���H����^HZ��4�'c#+@J;�R��zՉ2��1��͗e(���Lm�G ��V�W��V�ծ�#[�]q2W ��#��L�fZ����;�Z��D�r]�/.��SmvG�d,��N*r[�������>�Dyk�;J�#٫^���I�`�\ E ����2�5���R���V��r��|,D�5�8֔�K6�m[R��B�,gqh��pK�2�y������Y���&�%{ The second most common error is ignoring the thumb. Learn why training this often neglected body part is your highest return on investment for hand strength. The most recent example brought to my attention was when one of the very top European crush grip specialist severely damaged his hand tendons doing this. Seek is a verb. I began an intelligent approach towards hand strength in 2006. Adam is more than just a grip guy. Crush grip, such as squeezing a torsion spring gripper, Pinch grip, both dynamic and static. Third…Keep a method or process to document your training. This man was able to close a Captain of Crush #4 gripper fairly easily, and right now he is having hand pain working with a COC #2. Most men who I train will add over 1” to their forearms the first 6 weeks and a whole inch to their upper arms in 8 weeks. 16 0 obj Fourth and final…Seek wisdom. <. I wrote dozens of articles, filmed over 30 instructional videos and did hundreds of posts on various internet forums to promote my love of grip and hand strength. Adam T Glass-Static Lifting-#533-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio Welcomes Grip Master, Strongman and Trainer of Champions Adam T Glass to the Broadcast.Eric and Adam begin the show with making a decision on how to add on muscular body weight. I found a book online which described methods of old time circus strongmen. and is incorrect. Thanks for doing this. The hands are always the limiting factor in strength. The third most common error is thinking that all of the rules of training change when you go south of the elbow. Three pinch drills you can do with minimal equipment that will increase your pinch strength over night. For example, if you perform DL’s with Fat Grips you’re not training the extensors, but if you place the Fat Grips on a straight barbell and perform seated wrist extensions you’d be training the extensors. I honestly found the descriptions of their feats of strength to be over the top. /A << Sure, sure…Adam has a ridiculous resume. Gentlemen (and ladies), I give you Mr. Adam T. Glass…, 1. endobj Many clients I have seen have had some pain related to a loss of basic grip functions too. My name is Adam T Glass and I want to share with you my passion. and he goes further to say that using bands for finger extensions is at worst dangerous. Why training this classic feat of strength will put more muscle on you this year than the magazine stands faddish exercise of the week. ��\vG�G���Α�Ѥ If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The extensors function more in a static role than as a highly loaded dynamic mover. To compare that to something like deadlifting – imagine if a 800 lbs puller told you he was missing reps with 315 because of pain. 6) 1. Instead of asking Adam for help, I stalked him on the internet and watched all of his videos. 215 lb single hand axle lift for Armlifting USA challenge Adam T Glass Apparently, with all the bending I had done before, I had developed very real imbalances in my body. What are your thoughts on this practice? You will learn plenty of drills to keep you challenged for the next 5 years. In this 60 minute DVD I am going to lay out the plan for you to dramatically change your hands and arms forever. /Height 103 The lumbracales are involved as well. It's impossible to express how impossible this feat seems. Sven, it’s the movement you perform that determines if you’re working the extensors, not the piece of equipment you have in your hand(s). It’s simple, you get the DVD, you watch the DVD, you apply the information, and you reap huge rewards. >> For those who do not know, Adam is a regular guest on Eric Fiorello's podcast. Bret thanks for the interview. Gain an easy to use test to ALWAYS select the correct exercise and variation. Other than Andrew Durniat, I can't find a record of anyone else managing this feat…something that Adam has done countless times. Sending you a DVD of exercises with no instructions would only be mildly useful. endobj Growing up I didn't have a strong grip or anything like that. After of year of ignoring Mike Sharkey (apparently I'm  stubborn), I finally allowed him to demonstrate BioFeedback. Instructor Adam T. Glass will teach you how to build devastating grip strength in this extensive DVD. 5ܬI"����*M&ˣ�մ�qЏ��Dsd�Pk3#I�2��gHM}W��Fɮ��Y�bdZ�.������K�;��FG�rI���x7Th$�32+�#=���]�W;h.�?�� �X�sSr�e�����=#�"�tL�#�d���a�ٶp�3I�A�J�;6#@��m"A�4�3ۭ�����ږG��K�c�ҹ�Atq��*� ��_JRB��8-/Z:Ծ��.��ޓ�IN��'�e8|�g�%[JS��c�68L�9����6_,�=�҇��7[��2��ᖫ�J"?����MJ�W���JI}0JR�G��3Y~��� ����]�3%;��,�4,�M�M$�ӕ�"��̟�L�c��D3�uw������¢ir�T�n� �k�hU;�ҕ�2�}ߤTFW.�%&ڵdF���щ�����{iYBI^m$��a��� D]��Զ�v�i �i��Ê�������+t� DD�����5�G�J3����=��n�*��w�/oIhed�M�>�.�犒_�� ��L��GN��E�o�����R��qc��KyO4-'�}�6P�KM��с���-}B-̠�]L)���[m��&� X�r����d}�E�_���P��]�'֞���_�|&G�W������+�?�l$�5$��ڇ�%��-JJ~��P���V��2��ě�^$�Pfů��M�Z��_U�7Ls(ZgG2�=��~9M2�q�d��f�.l���{z �N�j�!S�� �ǣ!ߌ�տ�-SP���ɜCΚ�R��Q� ���+l"#�ǤZދ�~3V� 4Q9����|�k��=-�Y[���e.�2���%�Td�,���fv;c}����a;���٣ә2�x�p�yJQ���"4k+��W� ��U:,��w��e.���D��%d]Q���]���5p锪 ��N��M All Rights Reserved. Tearing motions, using the fingers, thumb and wrist often in circular motions such as card tearing and shredding phone books. In this detailed section I will teach you how to climb the gripper ladder and build a dominating crushing grip. ��V?��O�n��s�G�*�zM\;4Cg�3B�R�ؗ�������P��3�Y�EH�ͦI�d#�\AKd�bL�!��,I�d#�\�2�w��&A���p$�2�.ęB;��X� �Gp�d�bL�!��,I�d#�\�2�w��&A���p$�2�.ęB;��X� �Gp�d�>�B�u ��R�d��s���i���W�@n�� Feats of Grip Strength? Strong hands? We are all unique of course, but Adam seems to be operating on a different plane…all to himself. One of the first thing that my body "told" me to do was start pulling. I've never thought my hands particularly special. The nervous system in untrained people will respond faster than the muscles though. No mystery, no inner circle mumbo jumbo, no wasting time. Bret thanks for the interview. In that time he has never told me to use a technique just because it worked for him or one of his mentors. After the competition, Dr. Strossen set up his “Crushed to Dust” challenge which is a 45 lbs hub lift, a 200 lbs rolling thunder lift, and a #2 captain of crush. However…I will not return to any of the heavy bending. Pinch lift the blob with both left and right hand. Three methods to extend the life of a given gripper and get stronger closes in faster time. Look at your hand for a moment. Some people are dumb, and will not listen to their body when they experience pain. /Producer (�� Q t 4 . If there is only one drill you take from this section, make it this one. I'd like to let that sink in for a moment. I often think on writing. Identify the #1 thing that will derail your progress and get you hurt, it’s so simple but no one else is going to tell you this. Hand size:  7 7/8"  (20cm)  I am a lefty but in the scope of grip strength I have done better with all competitions primarily right handed. During a normal lift, you have a variety of cues that will indicate it is time to stop. I am not Bret, so I look forward to his thoughts, but my thoughts are it is kind of right. Last question. This ultimate goal question is hard to speak on. The common idea most have is that by doing barbell deads/rows/pull ups their hands are getting plenty of work. Pardon a little hero worship today (or is that superhero?). Also in the article: "I believe the common rubber band approach to opening the hand is at best a minimal pay-off movement, and at worst can be dangerous." Understand your body is subject to many stressors and at times your training could be the doing more harm than good. Grip training does not automatically mean doing a lot of little isolation movements. 446 0] How to build big back and grip strength with the vertical bar deadlift. I built the Industrial Strength Grip DVD as an entry level product for anyone looking to add inches to their arms and forearms and seriously increase their hand strength and power. × Build a foundation for amazing feats of strength. Recently Adam has been doing pinch grip muscle ups and pinch grip back levers using a bar he had made with two pinch grip plates. Monthly I'm involved in networking functions and fellowship. Before you die, what is your ULTIMATE grip goal/goals? I don’t think the time period for ligaments is that long though, nor is the muscle changes that fast. endobj   Your link has been automatically embedded. This is mind boggling, but perhaps his most amazing INCH feat is his hand to hand transfers. However when discussing grip, wrist, and forearm strength almost no one talks about Shield Casting heavy Meels (Indian Clubs). These cues are not as obvious during isometric movements. Glass lifted two Thomas Inch dumbbells WITH 10lbs balanced on top of each dumbbell. Thanks for sharing Adam..  your hand strength is off the charts sir! Oh, and those lifts are all in lbs. ӊo��.��g;�dR���4�S1����j�!K�Ɠ"Q^��2� ��d,->¢�S�+T+o+^�+��C�����U2�9KIR�Y8��Ͷ]*;~�Ee��s�E��^� �Z��,����:��M��M$�{^��/�^��VԔʐ�"e��t�L���.�a����]؟MR��%��d·��$)�4Ŧ]�R��u7���$��ܱ#��c�c���j6"HQ�I�R�M�w�6s�6���Vd �LLjɩAKVId��Ԇ��g����#�oD�QoDA�+ |TՔ�(Rl��E��̖fV=Fx����a�T��U�C"w-���be�pqP��i#�t����ad+c��N̗ �E�d .A�� ���};���_0�~z=�b Adam Glass – Industrial Strength Grip on As a performing strongman, I have destroyed metal spikes, torn thousands of decks of cards, scrolled miles of steel bars and horseshoes. Great post. One of the challenges I decided upon was training other people to do this. “Adam Glass has quickly proven to be a force in the Grip World, skyrocketing up the ranks of the sport and laying waste to former records all along the way. Most people think about training extension as either an isolated movement or opening/spreading the fingers. Powerlifting, Armwrestling, Highland Games, Grip & Steel Bending! The second is a heavy dependence on isometrics in the bending positions. Eventually we started talking.   Your previous content has been restored. Wrist movements including flexion/extension and ulnar/radial deviation motions. We are all unique of course, but Adam seems to be operating on a different plane…all to himself. �$dKp��ź�Xi9-ŝ�%�f*z�L�켦�P�;p� 3. /SA true /BitsPerComponent 8 There is a trick to it though. How does someone like me blend the different types of hand strength into his training without compromising the rest of his training and overdoing things (someone who already performs deadlifts, chins, rows, and db work)? All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors. /__WKANCHOR_2 10 0 R In the beginning I found very little help in building my grip. 4. Second, even though one can see and palpate some extensors in the arm as one begins to pinch they are not /Type /Annot I am 29 and live in Minneapolis MN. I have worked with a number of men who did fairly severe damage to their wrist doing isometric holds and pulls.

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