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He keeps up that facade even as his heart calls out for more. Med school would do that to you. Although this is based on real time it is in no way meant to be true, it just a story with Love, Lust, Fluff, Smut and Friendship. “Uh, Taehyung?”. Taekook focused BTS spy AU surrounded by mystery, tragedy and of course, good fluffy, angsty romance. Perhaps this unknown person is Kim Taehyung, his crush. And Taehyung lets him. "Why are you looking through my window? JIN     Apparently you’re the lucky participants in Taehyung and Jungkook’s sex competition where you all just fuck each other for a week. When Taehyung is supposed to come of age and summon his companion everyone assumes him to be a common sea or forest witch. Hogwarts AU One-Shots. “No it’s not,” he blurts. or the short fic where Taekook gets annoyed by soft!Yoonmin and decides to team up to play a game of pranks on them. V aka Kim Taehyung is a spy at Bighit agency and is part of their best team, BTS. A mí no me engañan, estos dos si se aman.♡ Se ven muy lindos juntos . Sue him So one day, when he’s in a argument with his all time rival Taehyung, he’s serious when he says, “Shut up or I’ll rail you!” Rail of course meaning hitting him with a train. but cuddling? So when best friend, Jimin, suggests that Jeongguk tries out a new club, he meets dancer and escort, Taehyung, or 'V'. get some song writing done, but before that he needed some coffee. Just for your explanation:Because of Jungkook's resist to accept himself, I never actually wrote down how Jungkook feels about Taehyung because he just refuses to think about his feelings for Taehyung. With the power of a family heirloom, Yoongi befriends Hoseok under the guise of a cat, spending his nights with Hoseok as the younger man is none the wiser, content with simply just being in his company. Don’t worry, soon you shall be safe’. Duh.". SUGA’s shoulder issues began when he was injured in an accident that occured in 2012 before his debut, and he was diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder in 2013. god ouch my heart but also uwu how to hold all of these feels. Despite being one of the most gifted witches of his generation, Jungkook's never been one for potion-making. Jeon Jungkook is in love with Kim Taehyung but he can't admit it to himself.Jungkook knows he does, but he's sure that as long as he won't think about it, he will be fine. Jangan suka dengerr bisikan orgbuat karamin taekook yaAu Adek emng best au fluff of the year xixi Romance Vkook Taekook Top Tae Bottom Kook Partially Omegaverse. Or, taekook au in which parkour bad boy Jungkook bumps into bitchy fashion model Taehyung. “Beta Jung Hoseok, I entrust this mission to you. Kook spoils tae rotten with gifts & trips,fans turn toxic, tae gets his first acting job and yoonmin having trouble in their shared mansion. This site is made by just two indie developers on a laptop doing marketing, support and development! Naturally, the two boys get at each other's throats, deeming the other a pain in the ass. Jeongguk was just about to sit on the couch next to Tae on the floor and possibly give him a peck when he asks that. Ale je to v poriadku, pokiaľ je na jeho strane Taehyung. I will start this in a few hours coz I need to sleep now lol . These were some of Taekooks Outfits that they just posted on twt! But then he comes across a new employee by the name of Jeon Jungkook, and the boy is a spitting image of him - from the tattoos, to the piercings and to the way he dresses. Taekook au Jeongguk’s not very up to date with slang. All this attention on him is making him antsy. Voy hacer un grupo taekook con @mushyjk , para llorarle a los novios. by aeterisks [ 35k words - 1/1 - taekook] A story where Jeon Jungkook starts receiving dirty messages from an unknown number and not so unknown person. Dapet salem peluk adek dari jauhhhh mwahhhh, @JimnnieOrMochi @chimmyllifluous Fora que as kid de 13 anos tudo acreditava nas merda que ela fazia, tão tóxico quanto o taekook lives, o pior é ela falar que não teve multirao pra derrubar o ttkl, quando é o que mais teve, a culpa não é nossa se as shipper continua consumindo aquela bosta, @taekook_city Sender kamu baik banget Please mau banget itu buku,dr dl kepingin banget punya fanbook Taekook tp selalu aja ada halangan sumpah pengin banget liat keuwuan mereka,bucin bgt ama mereka soalnya astaga gini amat aku gemes sama mereka, semoga sllu diberi rejeki ya kamu nder♥️. At the age of twenty, you would find out how much time you have left. How will their relationship fare when Jungkook's past is brought to the light? the man yells, running to his bed and ripping the duvet from the mattress and wrapping it around his bare frame. Jeongguk doesn't typically do deliveries. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best. When two people with entirely different lives collide halfway across the world, their story will span oceans worth of space and years worth of memories. in which taehyung had two weeks to learn his way around seoul, and jeongguk was conveniently available. taekook taekook fic taekook fic rec magic myfaves hogwarts au bts fic bts fic rec vkook fic vkook fic rec taekook ao3 taekook feed; research purposes . His hair is blonde, soft, and luxurious. - words, Ya que el #taekook esta en tendencias dejaré esto y me iré lentamente, #taekook But, the arrival of a Young Alpha changes the lives of the captives and their captors A Wolf ABO/Vampire AU BTS, Shinee, Big Bang, EXO, and other Kpop name sakes. His personal bodyguard Alpha Min Yoongi has one motto: "If they want to get the fairest, they have to go through the fiercest.". (Jeongguk's football captain. Omega Prince Park Jimin is the prettiest omega in royalty who had tons and tons of suitors, but none have managed to steal his heart. He doesn't need more than that. Taekook au where Rising Vlogger!Taehyung meets the cocky ‘King of Youtube’ Jungkook (with over 50 million subs) at the YouTube Fanfest World Tour. holding someone close? Do not disappoint me. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. He has power where he stands and where he has stood.He is six, merely a child. Soft, doubtful, teenage Jungkook, his supportive best friend Taehyung, and some tentative handjobs and blowjobs. ellos mandan, yo obedezco. A vacation makes you feel suspended in time, detached from the world, weightless. But one day, Taehyung leaves and Jungkook isn't the same ever since. It may be difficult for SUGA to meet his long-awaited fans for some time, including for the upcoming BTS “BE” album promotional activities. Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List [A social media AU] Up and rising Korean model Kim Taehyung didn't realize the circumstances of an innocent picture he posted on his twitter, only when he started getting more and more comments about a certain famous idol that happened to photobomb his … sus palabras acá son la ley y no hay democracia, @carlaniavindi @penitimerah Buat kak ca semangatt teruss nulisnyaa “We have!” Taehyung suffocates his face with Jimin’s stomach, and then flips on his back again, heaving a long sigh. Join Facebook to connect with Taekook AU and others you may know. ellos piden algo, yo lo hago. taekooks chiquitos llamándose a ellos mismos taekook #taekook. Okay so let me know if you want the rest of this , OK so I’m continuing this au and putting a hold on the taekook youtubers sequel till I finish this one. Taehyung had always lived away from society because his parents were afraid he’d become a slave like most hybrids. ORWhere Kim Taehyung loses his parents at six and doesn’t have a home anymore.ANDWhere Jeon Jungkook is sent away from home because it’s not safe anymore. “We just… nobody’s dick has gone in anybody’s ass, okay?”. Read more about the story. “So...they’re weed candy? “It’s me,” the boy says, slowly, as if testing waters. Rather speak to him with kindness and bring him to me”. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. taekook; vkook; ao3feed taekook; 3 hours ago. Taehyung didn't understand when he was younger. Taekook au where popular twitch streamer Jeongguk runs a competition for $20 but after stalking the winner (University student Tae’s profile) he adds an extra two 0’s on the end bc he’s weak for pretty boys. Jedného dňa Taehyung odíde a Jungkook od vtedy nebude ako predtým. for the lighting. With a small shock, the time would appear on a little white rectangle on your wrist, and you would know how much longer you have to live, down to the very second. They get off on the wrong foot at the Creator’s Party and spend the rest of the tour bickering. cuando cantaron never not basta no suelto este momento nunca #taekook, qué hueva con las que les jode tanto el taekook sea ship o subunit vuelvan a terapia uno qué culpa tiene de sus traumas putitas, meta de 2021: ganhar minha mesa digitalizadora pra desenhar os taekook dormindo de conchinha, me acuerdo que ese día NADIE podía creerlo, estábamos presenciando live taekook y estábamos en el medio del live teniendo delirios xq se venía la selca y DESPEDÍAMOS LA ÚLTIMA COMO SI FUERA UN SOLDADO pensar que después de eso tuvimos sequía de lives tk, I need some yoonmin or Taekook social media au recs please Not too angsty and hopefully kinda funny , #TAEKOOK me acuerdo cuando los dropee porque me empezó a caer de orto sigue cayendo del orto que crazy, Recuerden que #taekook es el nombre de la subunidad de JK y Tae que tienen una muy hermosa amistad, no de sus ridículos ships que solo los sexualizan, estoy acostumbrada a fotos yoonmin y taekook con calidad de un nokia pero esa foto fue otro nivel, @jisungxhobi Ummm, me gustan todos los shippy, pero me emociono más con el Jihope y el taekook ^^, Vi que taekook era tendencia y me re altere pensando que por alguna razón divida había sub unidad, yo no entiendo nunca .

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