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This beach of soft sand blends into the calm waters of the lake. Getting to the bridge is no easy task. The water is very cold and once ashore, you could be stranded for days until conditions approve. Day-hike to Pukaskwa’s ultimate vista — a suspension bridge set high above a roaring waterfall! Ste. Other good choices for paddlers include the many inlets of Hattie Cove and Halfway Lake. The next section is the hardest since you’ll have the scramble up and down ravines, over rocks, through tight trail sections, through marshy trail sections before you reach the turnoff for the Playter Harbour campground. In our case, the whole southern loop was full, and we grabbed one of the few remaining non-electrical campsites in the northern loop. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Are the prices for this place or activity, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, We camped at Hattie Cove before starting a three day backpacking trip on the Costal Trail. Follow Highway 627 for about 15 km, until you reach the park entrance. Pukaskwa National Park (www.pc.gc.ca/pukaskwa) is a vast, wild, natural playground found on the edge of the world’s largest freshwater lake. Look for the curious stunted trees, so formed by harsh winds blowing off the lake. I knew it was a real possibility since Pukaskwa National Park is in the heart of black bear country in Northern Ontario, but I didn’t want to see one while I was hiking, so far from help. You can also swim (if you’re brave enough), try your hand at backcountry camping, and find the best vistas overlooking Lake Superior. The route is approximately 82 kilometeres (49 miles) long and takes an average of 5 – 7 days to complete. There are several backcountry sites along this stretch of trail and some of the most scenic spots. Remnants of a carcass are thrown into an open fire and left until any remaining meat has all burned away leaving the marrow cooked [2] . unless it is unseasonably warm. Please note that this is quite a long kayak journey that will take anywhere from 10 – 14 days depending on the weather conditions and the paddlers experience. The trail is a 2 way hike as the only exit point s the way you came in so expect a journey of almost 120 kilometres (72 miles) over some very rough but enchantingly beautiful terrain. Hey there, I’m Olivia, writer and photographer behind My Wandering Voyage. However, the Ojibway and Cree nations maintain "Pukasu" is the correct spelling. Join in the drum circles held regularly at the Anishinaabe camp, where you’ll learn songs, stories and teaching that have been kept over the years. There are informative signs that explain what happened and why as you walk through this section. km. Photographer, traveler, educator and lifelong Ontario resident. Hiking and camping are just two of the fantastic things you can do at Pukaskwa National Park. Went up to Pukaskwa in September of 2019 for 3 days of tenting in the national park. It's similar to Lake Superior Provincial Park but more remote; keep an eye out for moose and black bears. Overall it was worth the Trek from Guelph. (The oTENTiks and backcountry sites are the only ones you can book online.). Inland lakes and waterways are motorboat free to protect the environment.The huge expanse of Lake Superior provides for some remarkable wind conditions that perfectly lend itself to sailing. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Pukaskwa National Park is located on the shores of Lake Superior halfway between the cities of Sault Ste. Horseshoe Beach is the most protected and offers calm waters to wade in after a long hike. The beautiful, rugged landscape, the ancient and recent history, and the art connection are both luring and alluring. Beautiful views over Lake Superior. Climb up a rocky ravine to panoramic views of Lake Superior and the Pic River dunes. You’ll then follow a relatively easy trail split between boardwalk, boggy trail and rocky terrain as you round Hattie Cove. You’ll pass the northern and southern trail entrances of the Mdaabii Miikna. Water taxis are available for pickup along the coast if required but make prior arrangements before departing. Established in 1978, Pukaskwa is known for its vistas of Lake Superior and boreal forests. The Pic River enters Lake Superior just north of the park. Don’t miss checking out the visitor centre, where you can grab free Wi-Fi while exploring the beautiful indoor exhibit showcasing the history of the park and the people that live here. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Home to more than 70 fish species and 50 shipwrecks, Lake Superior is one of the world’s largest protected freshwater areas and offers outdoor activities ranging from fishing and swimming to snowshoeing and surfing. This route is open year round depending on the open water conditions. You can also camp along the coast at non-developed sites.Please note that backcountry camping can be dangerous and the park requires everyone traveling in the backcountry to first register in at the administrative office. Head east on highway 17 which which skirts Lake Superior’s north shore and takes you to the turn off to the 627 just east of Marathon. Located along the shores of Lake Superior, near Marathon, Pukaskwa (Pronounced PUCK-a-saw) National Park has some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes of Northern Ontario. But Lake Superior’s waters are notoriously frigid. Whether fly-fishing, on shore fishing on the various rivers and streams or deep-water fishing in the waters of Lake Superior many a fisherman has commented that it is the best fishing they have ever experienced.A great variety of sport fish are available and the remoteness of some of the bodies of water allow for landing some very large specimens. Never attempt the trip alone and you must register-in and out with the park office. This park is on the north shore of Lake Superior. The first exciting section of the trail is the Hattie Cove Fire Walk, a 700-metre section of forest that was wiped out in a prescribed burn in 2012. No, That's just about a wrap on fall. Kinda disorienting while looking down through the open grating. Français; Conditions régissant l'utilisation © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Oct 30, 2020 - The hidden gem of Lake Superior’s north shore, Pukaskwa will transform eventhe most seasoned traveller. Fun fact: according to the park staff, the name of the park is pronounced "puck a saw", which you would never know from the way it's written. Outfitters, equipment rentals and guides are available as well as water taxi services in some areas. Check-in is 2 pm, and check-out is 11 am. National Park in Lake Superior Shoreline With only 4km of roads within its 1878-sq-km expanse, visitors to Ontario's only wilderness national park have to explore via hiking or paddling. What you need to know about Pukaskwa National Park camping reservations, Coastal Hiking Trail in Pukaskwa National Park, White River Suspension Bridge via the Coastal Hiking Trail, Other things to do in Pukaskwa National Park, What to pack for a camping trip in Pukaskwa National Park, The Ultimate Guide to National Parks in Ontario, Beginner’s guide to camping + camping essentials + recipes [free checklist], The Best Nature Books for your Next Adventure in the Great Outdoors, 9 places to explore in Prince Edward Island, Toronto to Thunder Bay: a 10-day Northern Ontario road trip along Lake Superior’s spectacular coast, Everything you need to know about Pukaskwa National Park [+ hiking guide], Ontario cider: Take a delicious self-guided Georgian Bay cider tour, Take a surprise day trip in Ontario with Guess Where Trips. As mentioned earlier the scenery along the rugged shores of lake Superior in this area is incredible and can only truly be appreciated when view from the lake. All rights reserved. Other rivers Pukaskwa National Park open for canoeing include: Paddlers taking the backcountry experience must register-in and out with the park office. Pukaskwa National Park is a national park located south of the town of Marathon, Ontario in the Thunder Bay District of northern Ontario, Canada.

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