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Commaful stories are told in a picture-book format, which means you can get extremely creative with how you share your fics! He’s handled publicity for books by CEOs, CIA Officers, Navy SEALS, Homemakers, Fitness Gurus, Doctors, Lawyers and Adventurers. Twisting the Hellmouth is missing. Thanks! Frankly, I stay far away from and do my primary browsing these days at A03. I didn't even know these sites existed. yea i read a lot of fanfic on but its kind of confusing for when you're trying to make an account...I would like to write but there waiting periods are really weird. Alright, alright, sorry, inside joke. I never thought I'd say this but AO3 is surpassing FFnet, both in quality of content and ease of posting/editing. And making some stories too that happened in the same universe of the original story. @SororPeregrina: I used to have a couple of stories up on and I learned to take the comments with laugh, especially the negative ones that were obviously trolling for attention. @anonymous: I find that the best site for fanfiction is Ao3 or archiveofourown. It is also a great way to get recongized and you can even win money for submitting a story, right now they are having a horror competttion and the prize is 20,000 dollars. All stories shared on Commaful are in this beautiful picture-book format. It is a refreshing new view of the vampires show. Her website, well one of them lol can be found here Favorite Quote: 90% of my happiness is coming from my pants. It really depends, but Tumblr can be a great place to find fanfic if you know what you're looking for. The most popular one is Ronan Sayers is the last of her people, the amlug rochben-noss, the Dragon-rider clan and as a child, she was rescued by Gandalf the Grey. Give the story below a read by tapping on the right side of the page! You forgot Freedom of Speech Fanfiction Archive and Along with and Why are all the slash sites being left out? You can use this app/website all over the world, from what I've seen. Thanks for the great lens. Really very informative, I didn't even know there was a huge base of fanfiction. AO3 is ok but don't look for a lot of feedback; those folks barely post kudos much less comments. Look me up too XD username:Madilove23, wattpad is a good place to read and post stories there are a lot of people and some authors today used to use wattpad so if u want to check it out then u can go to my account or go to the search bar and search a story topic or a story title (my account name is Yanna21uk). I knew about several of these, but most of them were unknown to me. I DON'T KNOW WHEN ALL YOU'RE DOING IS READING!!! While it has a lot of new authors just like all the other websites, in my experience and compared to, the writers take constructive criticism much better and tend to have a wider more detailed arrange of stories. I write fan fic for a group on Yahoo. It's just that has more content overall, so it looks worse. Check out the fantasy message board on my lens as well and share some of this with other fantasy fans!

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