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A special giant version was played in the sea. count_takeshi — Readability. At the end of the show, Takeshi successfully takes back his castle. Now it's a straightforward sumo match. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The contestants' aim is to break the ring on the front of Takeshi's cart with their water pistols, but they need to avoid having their own ring broken in the process. Three contestants at a time have to try and get to the top of a ramp without getting knocked down by giant boulders being rolled towards them. When the army had to climb over the first of several obstacles, they destroyed it with various beam weapons. ), a woman dressed as a witch, the two who resemble fruits riding in the bowl together. While they're on the bridge, Guards will fire balls at them, from a cannon, to try and knock them off. The contestant has to cross a lake by using stepping-stones. When the fight begins, the Guard and contestant have to try and push each other off by only using their bums. In Version 2 The contestants that have chosen a safe hole in 'Final Fall' follow the tunnel and come out the pipe in front of the castle. In family special episodes the children stand on a platform above the maze. This family variation was later used in regular episodes. The rooms have six doors, one in each wall, which all open outwards and inwards. In a variation of the game several rocks are attached to the bridge to make crossing even harder. Takeshi-jō lit.Showdown! ), the woman as a flamingo, Red King (throws a tantrum and falls out of the bowl midway. ), a man dressed as Nezumi Otoko from Gegege no Kitaro, a man dressed as a Mermaid, a man dressed as a thief, Veron (makes it to the first stone and then falls). (During the Monster special, the background music is the Godzilla March Melody from Toho.). The host and functional Big Bad of the show, he played the part of an egotistical feudal lord whose castle the contestants had to conquer. you download this rom to go to keshi To begin, the contestant picks a ball at random out of a box. Takeshi wasn't able to appear on the show from episode 31 to episode 55, so instead the Takeshi Doll took his place. The unique difference was that a varity of Ultra Kaiju appeared to help Takeshi reclaim his castle, leading the charge. Takeshi (right) is the owner of the castle. akuhara has 6 repositories available. The child lays on an aeroplane bodyboard at the end of a long platform. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The other stones aren't supported and will sink when trodden on. If the contestant manages to land on this trunk they win, then cross a bridge to the next game. If the contestant falls out at any time they lose. A Chinese hopping Vampire, Eleking (Boxing Monster Jumbo Max fought Eleking and caused him to run into a wall and lose. The contestant has to get into the tube and slide down inside it. The contestant has to swing from one platform to another straight in front of them, over a container of shredded paper. ),  the peacock (who doesn't even bother using the rope and attempts to fly to the platform), a man dressed as Kinnikuman, the mermaid ('her' tail falls off mid swing but wins. Takeshi's cart is much bigger than everyone else's, but also has a ring on the front. On the opposite side of the "car park" to the contestants are the Guards. Taro and Ultraman's carts were ironically the first to fall due to the overwhelming numbers. At the beginning of the bridge the contestant has to catch a golden ball, which is shot to them by the General. In the game Boulder Dash, Alien Baltan technically won, but was attacked by Seven and Jack, and then flattened by Ace throwing a boulder on him. The contestant needs to move quickly, and have good balance, so that they're not rolled off. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy,, Due to the licensing of the Ultra-Company at the time, the episode on the DVD set, titled. Takeshi-jō lit. To protect it from Tani's attacks, he sets up games in the castle grounds in an attempt to stop the army of contestants getting any closer. The contestant has to cross a thin wobbly bridge to the other side. The show's interviewer. The contestant sits in a giant bowl at the top of a wet slope. However, now the contestant has to carry their own golden ball. To protect it from Tani's attacks, he sets up games in the castle grounds in an attempt to stop the army of contestants getting any closer. If the parent pushes too hard they'll slide their child straight off the end of the runway, into the water below, and lose the game. Currently Offline. Both of the contestants have to stay inside the bowl at all times to win. A Musketeer, a man dressed as an Aburasumashi, the centaur again, the centipede, the Totem pole, a man dressed as a peacock, Alien Baltan (barely makes it to the end and falls on the last log), and a woman dressed as a pig. Later the size was increased to 20 rooms, 5 x 4, and a third Guard was added (usually Animal) to increase the difficulty. Now they have to choose four paper doors, one in each wall, to make it all the way through and win. The host and functional Big Bad of the show, he played the part of an egotistical feudal lord whose castle the contestants had to conquer. In any version, the aim is to use a rope to swing from one platform to another. Takeshi Kitano, Actor: Zatôichi. Eleking (who falls after progressing half way), a man as the Statue of Liberty, the Jaws Victim from Honeycomb Maze, a man dressed as a totem pole, another of the Three Musketeers (who makes it. View more info. 100 XP . The Guards try to stop the contestants succeeding by aiming at their rings. There are usually two or three Guards in one cart, and every guard has a water pistol. One of the doors is real, but the others aren't. When they reach the opening, the contestant has to drop out of it and try to land on the platform. They share five carts of their own, which also have a ring on the front. If the contestant gets pushed off and into the water they lose the battle. If it's made of paper they will burst through it and will have won the game. The contestant starts off on the Dragon platform and has to swing and land on a small round platform in the middle of a lake. In 'New Dragon Lake', instead of swinging to a platform straight ahead, the contestant has to swing in a semi-circle to reach the small landing platform to the right of where they start. Follow their code on GitHub. The Ultra Brothers also hit the Castle Guard with a boulder by mistake), Alien Baltan, Black King, and Zetton (Alien Baltan technically wins, but was jumped by Seven and Jack and smashed with a boulder by Ace). If they break a ring on a Guards' cart, that cart has to stop. If they miss, or fall off the rope, they lose. Waiting inside are two "Black-Handed, Black-Hearted" Guards (usually Strong and Kibaji) who are trying to find the contestant. On the other side of the landing platform was a slope. The Statue of Liberty, Pigmon (who stays in the bowl the entire way but falls out in the end. The suits used for the show appearances were the cheaply made Stage Show suits, with only Gora being directly used from the previously newer entry. ), Dracula, some guy in a robe and hat (who goes down the pipe face first. If the contestants choose wrong this time they'll end up getting a pummelling from the Monster. Contestants have to beat him in the final'Show Down' to win. ), Alien Baltan (who slams into the platform), Shiva (who also wins.). ), Zetton (progresses a little bit until he loses balance and falls on his back, rights himself, drops his ball and gives up. (Wins), Zetton (who ALMOST catches it. Episode 100 (Fighting Spirit Award Winners Special), Snow Ball: In special episodes the game was occasionally played in snow. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The landing platform this time is a small 'tree trunk'. Information for Takeshi (Kanazawa/Kappou (Fine Dining at a Counter)). Another Chinese Hopping Vampire, the Statue of Liberty, Astroboy, Pigmon (a second Pigmon suit is used for this, lacking teeth and has a pushed in face, also one of his feet fly off. ), the Three Chinese Hopping Vampires (two fail, one gets to the top, only to be stopped by Ultraseven for a second until scarring him with a Bruce Lee warcry. A football is then fired into the air, over the mud, from a cannon. Takeshi's Castle (風雲!たけし城 Fūun! ), one of the Ten Lucky Gods, Shiva, Red King (who gets the special guest sumo wrestler, Mother of Ultra, which he promptly attacked and won against). Slimer, Gomora (who scares his opponent and throws him out of the ring. They have to shout out instructions to direct their parent through, avoiding the Guards, to the exit. In the latest film by Japanese television comic-turned-cinema auteur Takeshi Kitano, a soft-spoken convenience store cashier named Takeshi … Anyone who makes it across the bridge, with the golden ball in hand, wins. ), Aburasumashi, Shiva, Alien Baltan (who actually had the golden ball when he walked onto the bridge, as it'd be impossible for him to catch it with his static claws. By making it onto the platform at the end of the Rollers the contestant wins the game. In couples' and family special episodes the pairs have to sit in the bowl together. If the parent judges the force just right, their child will end up positioned over the goal area and they win the game. If the contestant manages to get across the lake, without falling in the water, they win the game. If they're lucky again, and they choose a paper door, they'll go through the wall and win. Dry Ball: In the Monster special episode the game was played on big mats on dry ground, as the costumes made moving quickly hard enough anyway. As soon as the ball is shot, the contestant has to run out into the mud pit and try to catch it. If the contestant catches the ball they win the game; but if they miss it, or it bounces out of their hands, they lose. The contestant starts behind a set of saloon doors, at the end of a giant pit of mud. The contestant needs to avoid the guards, because if they get caught they'll have their face covered in black paint, get thrown out of the maze, and will have lost the game. They will need to make their way past him to continue on. Takeshi's Castle) is a Japanese game show that aired between 1986 and 1990, on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. At the top, along with one of the guards, are the Ultra Brothers, prepared to defend the Castle from Takeshi's forces. ), one of the Three Musketeers. Some are made from paper, but have a net fixed behind. Takeshi Kitano (Count Takeshi) Broadcast . The maze began with 12 rooms; 4 x 4. Slowly, the other carts followed, with some of the Ultra kaiju stopping them with their own bodies. Later the rocks were removed and now Guards only fire balls from one cannon. The contestant has to make their way over cylinders that are positioned above water, each slightly higher or lower than the previous one. They then go and board a motorised cart each (or, if there are a lot of contestants through, some must share a cart). Knock Knock began as the second half of 'Skipping Stones'. If they are still inside when the bowl ends up floating in the pool they win the game. Ultraman fell out of the cart. The rollers aren't fixed still, so will spin around when stepped on. Takeshi's Castle Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. But, if all the contestants have their rings broken it's the end of the game and the General and his army have lost. ), Nezumi Otoko again, the mermaid again (who has trouble getting out of the pipe due to their costume but Wins.). ), the green orb costume (Who doesn't even make it onto the first stone and just plops into the water. This was increased to five, and then to seven. Mole Films for Challenge, 9 November 2002 to 1 January 2004 as Takeshi's Castle Rebooted: Challenge, 8 to 29 March 2013 (6 episodes in 1 series) Comedy Central, 26 October 2017 to present Red Herring. Takeshi wasn't able to appear on the show from episode 31 to episode 55, so instead the Takeshi Doll took his place. Medusa, the Totem Pole, another one of the Ten Lucky Gods, Pigmon (didn't even get a chance to catch the ball and walked off the bridge.

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