carrollton high school tik tok

We welcome all races, sexes, religions and creeds.”. They should be expelled and fired from their jobs.”. Their school has the right to exclude any students whom may be damaging to their reputation/puts other students at risk. PRAY with me now, that Government Almighty and the SCROTUS will see fit, to PROTECT us from foolish, unprescribed, medically ignorant deployments and uses of these DANGEROUS medical implements of destruction, known as lung flutes! Wasn’t a black security guard fired for using the “n-word”, then rehired after the outcry by liberals on Twitter. Not for here, just for “those people”. In any case, the school's handling of the incident is troubling. The video has been removed from TikTok, but another student at their high school in Carrollton, Georgia, posted it on Twitter on Thursday. On Friday afternoon, Mr. Albertus issued a statement denouncing the students’ “unacceptable” behavior, which he said was “not representative of the district’s respect for all people.”. Powered by. (Long live free speech, even if it is offensive… The proper, proportionate response to bad and evil speech, is better, more tolerant, more benevolent speech! Once the video went viral, many organizations ended their association with the high school student. The landmark 1969 Supreme Court decision in Tinker v. Des Moines held that action taken by schools to punish speech must be "caused by something more than a mere desire to avoid the discomfort and unpleasantness that always accompany an unpopular viewpoint.". Mr. Albertus said he was “deeply disturbed” by the video’s overtly racist tone as were parents and community members. No sticks and stones returned for mere words! When he reads from a piece of paper that says “Make good choices,” he lifts the cup, which is empty. NEXT: Bureau of Prisons Reverses Coronavirus Home Confinement Policy. Right but you told us you want to eat shit. As independent thinkers exit mainstream institutions, groupthink and blind spots are likely to get worse. Considering how many on the left use “white” as a pejorative, yet go about their lives without getting punished for inflammatory rhetoric. People have speculated online that Freeman is supposed to be attending the University of West Georgia in the fall. “No doubt, the video will be associated with their names for a long time, severely harming their college and job prospects, perhaps deservedly.”, Possibly, but it’s also possible that they will be going into a trade whose members don’t spend every waking second on social media. “this is awful but the gov’t shouldn’t do anything about it” is always the most awkward libertarian position, but also the most necessary, I MAKE MORE THAN CASH$ IN MOTH.ITS REALLY CHANGE MY LIFE, IF YOU CLICK THIS WEBSITE you are true friend…………JUST NOW …, last month i CHACK THIS WAB IT WAS VERY NICE PLEAS CLECK HER I THANKED FOR YOU………. The video started trending on Twitter early on April 17 as people protested the content and called for their school to take action. In the video, the two enter a bathroom and the camera pans to a paper with a racial slur written on it sitting on top of the sink drain.

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