binding of isaac platinum god

• Spawns 7 coins around the player, which can be pennies, nickels or dimes. * , upgrade item, special item, unlockable item, passive item, grey, gray, red. * , unlockable item, active item, spacebar item, brown. • Does exactly what it says on the tin - Using the portable slot gives you the same effect as the Red Slot machine. * UNLOCK: Unlock this item by completing the Cathedral 6 times. • Isaac's Head's tears do 3.5 damage each and do not scale with damage stat changes. 84 • Each use gives the player +1.2 damage per use for the current room. * passive item, damage up, upgrade item, special item, stat up, stats, black, white, boss room, steven boss, golden chest, itzasickscot, sickscot. * devil room, devil deal, active item, spacebar item, black, white. • Deals 40 damage on contact with enemies, in exactly the same way both the Unicorn Horn and the Pony damage on contact effects work. • Isaac's tears now have a chance of slowing enemies and their shots for a few seconds. • An item sometimes found in the Devil Room. UNLOCK: Unlocks by completing the Chest with any character. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. • In the 1.5 version of the game (Most unholy edition), there is a slight nerf to the Lucky foot effect which gives increased chance of winning at a slot machine. * fly, orbital, grey, gray, black, item room, treasure room, block, protection, passive item. * devil room, devil deal, active item, spacebar item, book, brown, dark, unlockable item. * devil room, devil deal, pink, passive item item, treasure room, item room. • Spawns a trapdoor at the player's feet which allows them to travel to the next floor. • Spawns six troll bombs at random locations in the current room. • (Base shot speed is 1.0 and Max shot speed is 1.4), * , upgrade item, special item, passive item, white, bisnap, syringe. • Tears now become missiles which do 80 damage each (the same as the 'Doctor's Remote' item). see them all drop) before getting to the Mom's Foot boss fight, The Polaroid will not drop here. If you also have the D6 you can infinitely roll item rooms until you get any item you want and crash the game to your heart's content. * passive item, familiar, red, treasure room, item room, devil room, devil deal, upgrade item, special item. • This card is best saved and spawned directly next to another Blood Donation Machine to enable you to play both machines with a single half-heart. * dr fetus, passive item, pink, glass, jar, baby, fetus in a jar, super meat boy, treasure room, item room, upgrade item, special item, unlockable item.

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