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Thank you so much for asking, I never get sick of these Korrasami fic recs! i tried reading others but fail. The sentences are disjointed and messy, like Korra couldn't gather her thoughts for long enough to write a coherent paragraph. There are a ton of great stories to recognize still, and every round has been close in the voting, too–so most of all, thanks to the community for being so strong and so great! A Small Setback: I don't want to give away the reveal in this one, just read it, it's hilarious. Or stories that are long, angsty and has mature theme. , i dont know if you're the right person for this but lately i've been digging some korrasami fanfics and do you know other fanfics that's similar to greatestchange's "roll with the punches"? She's surprised that Korra doesn't even realize it—the murder and the accidental meeting at the park—and how it entangles them both. Yeah, RWtP is honestly one of those types of stories that’s a masterpiece in the Korrasami community and it will always be one of my favourite stories! Chef's Table - Modern Foodie AU where Asami is a Netflix film producer and is making a documentary about the head chef of Blue. Book 3 & 4 are more of what we are used to in the show. Been busy. Ten years ago, Avatar Korra opened a spirit portal in the center of Republic City. is instincts of a fearful body complete somewhere? again, off the top off my head, and bearing in mind i haven’t looked at KA fic in many, many moons so I’m probably forgetting some great ones I read back in the day -, One on One by paxbanana - book 4 gapfiller, probably my fave KA fic, so in character and concisely emotional - I wish I could write like this, piniiiiing, i could make you new legs by psocoptera - best of the Asami-centric three year gap-fillers I’ve seen, one of the first fics I read, beautifully written time passage, the electric soldier by lupinely - Winter Soldier book 4 AU, and I’m just a sucker for that concept, action-angst, Safe Harbor by DarlingGypsum - Asami with Korra post-Zaheer and after - I remember being desperate to read something like this, and again this totally satisfied that need, Fifteen Years by RuminantMonk - Korra dies young from the poison, very evocative, angst with a happy ending. They had a bond that transcended mere friendship - they were true partners in every sense. She's surprised that Korra doesn't even realize it—the murder and the accidental meeting at the park—and how it entangles them both. originalPseudonym,, Humanity and This World We’ve Created by  “Korra growing up in the South Pole.” This one’s a shorty but it’s so beautiful and gods I need to find more adjectives but there’s just so many great ones out there and just go read this please. So good it’s canon. We get to Asami have some amazing moments and we also get to see a bit more about Korra’s mental state. "Asami! 25.4K 790 8. And I’ve recced all of these before aside from one, I think. Sidelines - NFL AU, Modern Setting. And if you want to check out some other Korrasami stories that are really fantastic, I have a long Korrasami fic rec post here! I think the author has been quite respectful in how they handled the whole situation - but, if this type of thing really does bother you, consider giving this fic a pass), Legend of Korra - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,548 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 667 - Follows: 140 - Published: A nice lunch date out with friends turns into something only fate could have designed. Asami is the new teacher at United Republic High where she meets the rest of the Krew. In Which Mako Reflects: Funny little one-shot about the moment Mako realizes his two exes are totes gay for each other. Place in the World (216153 words) by paxbanana. ~ Honestly, I think this is my favourite Korrasami story I’ve ever read. I like reading material that challenges me, and it’s not given on a silver platter. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. Mostly one-shots although the main fic in the series, March of Progress, is a 35 chapter monster which serves as a Book 5 (It's canon compliant with the series, but diverges with Turf Wars). Ice and Stone by gxanderia: The big, badass and beautiful Asami epic that inspired me to write my own. “Are you gonna miss me too?”, “Right,” Asami breathed, after. They say that true love hurts. Reparations by @carrogath: one of the weirdest Korrasami stories I’ve ever read, but also one of the most emotionally evocative. Can Korra mend the heart she broke when she left republic city? “They’re the last ones in the mess hall, so they’re at the end of the line, but Asami doesn’t care. They remember the past fondly and face the future with hopeful hearts as they discover the joys of life and of each other. Korra screams. back… both to see her wife again, and to see her wife’s reaction to Icarus and the Sea by @unpretty​: The only Zhurrick fic you’ll ever need. Twenty-five Flights of Stairs: Everyone is exhausted from getting ready for the Earth Kingdom's first democratic elections, yet Korra looks oddly chipper. talks,” Korra reminded her, knowing full well her wife hadn’t forgotten. Happy reading, leave a comment and kudos. These are some awesome and/or well-known stories that you should 100% read (seriously, I could write a description for each of these stories, but I think they can all speak for themselves in terms of their amazing quality): Korrasami Month 2018 by @geminisweet  *I binge-read the heck out of this a little while ago and I’m still blown away at how mature, realistic and raw this story is! And what happened shaped her life.

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